ACDelco is specialized in supplying original equipment automotive parts for GM line of vehicles. It was founded by William Durrant in 1916 as United Motors Corporation. It used to be known by many other names such as United Motors Corporation, United Motors Service, and United Delco. When the company just started out, Durant outsourced to many smaller parts manufacturers. Later, United Motors Corporation was acquired by General Motors (GM) but it still retain many of the functions.

Its name was changed to AC-Delco after it was merged with AC Spark Plug in 1974. It merged with AC Spark Plug to make their operations more efficient. One of the divisions, called Delco-Remy was renamed to Remy International, Inc after being acquired by private investors. AC-Delco undergo a rebranding in 1995, in which the hyphen was dropped and it also get a new logo.

ACDelco supplies more than 90,000 automotive parts for all the major systems including car batteries, oil filters, alternators, air conditioning and radiators. It also provide auto parts from other vehicle components including belts and hose, filters, chassis, brakes, fuel pumps, spark plugs, thermostats, and water pumps. The original auto parts that ACDelco supplies meet the standards of the specs of the OEM parts. Apart from the original OEM auto parts, ACDelco also offer high quality aftermarket automotive replacement parts. They supply auto parts for 37 lines of products and their products can be found worldwide.

All auto parts are covered with warranty via the ACDelco Consumer Assurance Program. The Consumer Assurance program offers a coverage of 2 years or up to 24,000 miles for all the auto parts that are installed in your vehicle while at the authorized service center. To claim the warranty, you must go to the original service center. You will have to show your receipt if the service center is located more than 25 miles away from the original service center. They will begin the repairing process after verifying your receipt.

You get to enjoy a complimentary 1 year Roadside Assistance coverage when you take your vehicle to repair at the nearest ACDelco Professional Service Center. The services included in the complimentary roadside assistance coverage are towing, jump start and flat tire assistance.

You can obtain ACDelco automotive replacement parts from a repair shop or auto parts store located nearby. It is also possible to purchase the parts at the online auto parts store. You can locate a nearby auto repair shop or online auto parts store at the official ACDelco site.

You can find information about the auto parts by browsing the online catalog at the site. The catalog list the parts number so you should be able to easily find information on the parts you need. The information given on the auto parts takes into account the make/model of the vehicle as well as the vehicle identification number (VIN). The recommended parts information is for a vehicle that is not modified in any way. You can reach ACDelco at P.O. Box 33171 Detroit, MI 48232-5171 Tel: 1-800-223-3526.

Akebono Brakes



Akebono Brakes is a company that specialized in manufacturing brake parts for automobiles, motorcycles, and industrial machinery. Akebono Brakes is a leading OEM friction pad supplier around the world. The company was founded on the 27th January 1929, when the car industry is still small in Japan and only produced 400 vehicles. Their innovative and high quality brake products enable them to enter into the domestic and overseas markets as a leading manufacturer of brake parts.

Akebono brake pads are manufactured to meet the requirements of the original equipment standards. The brake pads are designed to remove all kinds of noises including vibrations when you apply the brake. It is made from vehicle optimized ceramic formula to prevent the brake from becoming easily get worn out in normal use. To reduce the wear and tear, Akebono brake pads involve longer time in between the brake jobs. Akebono brake pads will improve your rotor’s lifespan and give you superior brake performance.

It will only cause minimal dusting so your wheels are kept clean all the time. It is compatible with vehicles that use aluminum and open wheel designs. It features enhanced initial effectiveness which means that it is not necessary to perform break in. All the brake pads are USA made so you can rest be assured that the quality you get is top notch. They are eco-friendly and meet the low copper requirement according to the laws of California and Washington.

Akebono Brakes offers 3 types of brakepads including Proact, Euro and Performance. Akebono Euro brake pad has been used as OEM parts for many major branded vehicles including Audi, BMW, Fiat and Jaguar. Akebono Performance Ultra Premium ceramic brake pad offers maximum friction for high performance vehicles, SUV and trucks. There are over 400 pads designed for cars and trucks in Japan, Europe and USA.

Akebono provides limited warranty for its brake products but the warranty can be voiced if you install it incorrectly or use in a way that Akebono does not recommend. The warranty applies within 90 days of shipment from the warehouse or 30 days from the date of installation. You have to present the receipt for proof of purchase and provide information such as purchase date, and purchase price when filing a warranty claim. If they find that the product is really defective after inspection, they will offer a free replacement product.

At the official site, you can find a list of online retailers that are authorized distributor of Akebono brakes. You can also buy Akebono brake parts from your local auto accessories shop. You should find out the warranty and shipping information from the store where you purchase the brake products.

Akebono Brakes maintains several headquarters in Hanyu, Saitama and Nihonbashi. They have manufacturing facilities in Japan, USA, China, and France. The two manufacturing facilities in Japan are located at Kasukabe and Fukushima. Akebono produce many types of brake parts including disc brakes, drum brakes, friction materials, and sensors. The USA headquarter of Akebono Brakes is located at 34385 West Twelve Mile Road Farmington Hills, MI 48331 Tel 248-489-7400.

Aisin Seiki



Aisin Seiki is a leading Japanese manufacturer of automotive parts and components for the automobile industry. The company was first founded as Tokai Hikoki Co., Ltd. In 1943 and they only manufacture aircraft parts at that time. After the Second World War, they started to produce automotive parts. This change in their production caused them to rename their company to Aichi Kogyo Co., Ltd in 1945. Over the years, they have increased the selections of automotive parts and systems products. The company name was change once again to Aisin Seiki Co. Ltd. after merging with Shinkawa Kogyo Co. Ltd. They entered into the automotive market in the USA in 1970.

Aisin holds several brand names with each specialized in a certain area including Aisin AW, Aisin AI, Advics, and Imra. Aisin AW invented the Prius transmission and the first speaking navigation system in the world. Aisin Seiki is listed on the 347th place in the list of Fortune Global 500 companies. They produce parts for all major systems in the vehicle including engine, chassis, and body. Aisin is partly owned by Toyota Group because thirty percent of its shares is belonged to them. Aisin Seiki has headquarters around the world including USA, Brazil, Belgium, China, Japan and Australia.

Aisin Seiki offers several types of automotive products including cooling, drive train, engine, chemicals, and electronics. Aisin water pump is made with the latest technology in aluminum die casting. The water pump can create engine specific water pressure without causing too much loads on the engine. The carbon ceramic seals secure the water pump so that it won’t leak easily. Timing belt kit include water pump, gasket and timing belt that matches with the standards of the OE components. Aisin Fan Clutch offers optimal cooling performance by making adjustment to the air temperature. Aisin Fan Pulley Brackets features a geometrical design and high quality bearings. Aisin hydraulic tensioners has a unique hydraulic pressurizing mechanism that can reduce the timing belt vibrations.

Aisin OE matched clutch kit includes clutch cover and disc, and alignment tool. The release bearing and pilot bearing are also included in the kit. Aisin clutch hydraulic features an anodizing and kanizen cylinder plating that can protect the surface from corrosion. It has a quick response design that can react quickly when the clutch and brake are applied. Aisin free wheel hubs has a strong locking mechanism that allows the drivetrain power to be transmitted to the wheels efficiently. The large manual dial lets you conveniently switch in between 2WD and 4WD mode. Aisin oil pump is matched with the OE standard and is designed to lubricate the important engine components. Aisin timing chain cover includes a water pump and oil pump and protects important moving parts in the engine.

Aisin Seiki offers a warranty of 1 year or up to 12,000 miles for most of its automotive products. Usually, you can check the warranty information in the product description page of the store where you purchase it. Aisin Seiki automotive parts can be purchased at many local and online automotive stores. The USA headquarter of Aisin Seiki is situated in 1665 East Fourth Street, Seymour, Indiana 47274 Tel 812-524-8144.

Airtex Vehicle Electronics



Airtex Vehicle Electronics is a leading supplier of electronic automotive components around the world. Airtex Vehicle Electronics was founded in 1983 in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin and operates as part of a company called NGK Spark Plug Co., Ltd. It is recognized for its high quality spark plugs which can be used in automobile, motorcycle, and marine. Its first electronics facility is located in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. From the Fond du Lac facility, they shipped out their products for automotive industries around the world. They maintain a 200,000 square foot distribution complex in Centerville in Iowa and a manufacturing facility in Reynosa in Mexico.
Airtex Vehicle Electronics offers over 38,000 electronics automotive components including ignition, fuel systems, emissions, switches, and relays. Airtex ignition coil is able to react accordingly when the computer gives a command. The magnetic core design can efficiently hold the magnetic flow to ensure optimal performance. The bobbin is designed to hold the magnetic wire in precision. Airtex fuel system is capable of delivering the right mix of air and fuel so that your vehicle can have improved fuel economy and lower emissions.

They manufacture several parts for the emission system including Idle Air Control Valves, Throttle Air Bypass Valves, and PCV Valves. The emission system is available for all makes and models. Airtex EGR Valve features heavier circuit board, OE matched mounting and connector, and plunger that is coated with sealant. Airtex idle air control valve features OE matched pintle profiles and plunger shafts. Airtex idle air control valve is designed to adapt to all temperatures in the engine.

Airtex Vehicle Electronics manufactures a wide selection of switches including oil pressure, headlight, brakelight, door jamb, combination, and seat control switches. Airtex switches are engineered and tested to meet the OE specifications. They use a combination of nylon, glassed filled plastic to manufacture the switch. For the best conduction, the electrical terminals is made with a combination of copper, nickel and silver.

Airtex Vehicle Electronics offers a few types of sensors including fuel tank, vapor pressure, wheel speed, anti-lock brake system, throttle position, battery temperature and coolant temperature sensors. Airtex fuel tank sensor can accurately read both positive and negative pressures in the fuel tank and send the information to the computer. Airtex sensors is easy to install and work as it should after installation. There is no need for any adjustment after you install it.

Airtex Vehicle Electronics offers starter solenoid that fits various make/model of vehicles including Mazda, and Chevrolet. The starter fits various types of engine including naturally aspirated and turbocharged. Airtex also offer several types of relax including rear window, fuel pump, manifold heater and antenna relay.

You can buy Airtex Vehicle Electronics’ electronics automotive parts from various online stores. Many of the parts that Airtex offers are covered with 1 year warranty that starts from the purchase date. If you find the product defective, you must return it along with the proof of purchase. Upon inspection, they will replace you with a new product without any charge. The main office branch’s location of Airtex Vehicle Electronics is at 385 W. Rolling Meadows Drive Fond du Lac, WI 54937 Tel +1-800-558-9770

Airtex Fuel Delivery Systems



Airtex is a leading manufacturer of both OE and aftermarket parts for the automotive market in the USA. It operates as one of the business units in the UCI-Fram group of companies. Airtex was established in 1935 and has been offering high quality fuel delivery systems for the past 80 years. Airtex fuel delivery system matches or exceed the minimum standards of the OE (Original Equipment) design. They maintain a high quality fuel delivery system by constantly making improvements from time to time. Airtex fuel pumps are used by more than 200 millions vehicles in the USA today. They are also being used by many major brand names cars around the world.

Airtex is the OEM supplier for Humvee and UAV drones in the USA. Their fuel delivery system is expected to deliver a precision tolerance of up to 0.00001. Airtex fuel pump features a check valve and isotropic super finishing that aims to reduce the noise and maintain a quiet operation. The gradient density strainer helps to improve the resistant against contaminations. All parts come with a manual that has detailed installation instruction. There are also how to videos on the site that teach you how to install each part.

Every fuel delivery system it manufactured has to undergo a test and meet the strict testing specs before they will ship it out to the customers. It undergoes 3 stages of testing including pre-production testing, production testing and end of line testing. Some of the testing that it undergoes are vacuum, electrical, sender, and leak testing. The fact that all fuel delivery systems have to undergo rigorous testing means that product will surely offer superior performance and work according to your expectation.

Airtex fuel pump offers an affordable way for you to improve your vehicle. Airtex fuel pump is easy to install and you can install it yourself in just a few hours. You are getting the best quality air pumps as they are all made in the USA. It offers over 1,800 SKUs for the category of fuel delivery systems. Many cars, and commercial vehicles use its fuel delivery systems. Besides manufacturing the fuel pumps, they also offer a wide selection of tank seals, wiring harnesses and fuel pump filter.

The precision wound armature and mated commutator are optimized to provide reliable performance and high lifespan. Every single Airtex products is 100% backed by the manufacturer. All Airtex fuel delivery systems that are manufactured in the past 5 – 7 years are covered with a lifetime warranty.

Airtex has 3 manufacturing facilities, with each facility being equipped with departments for design engineering, R&D and test facilities. The test facility ensures that the fuel delivery system meets the international standards and eco-friendly standards. All the fuel delivery systems produced by Airtex is ISO/TS 16949 certified. The main distribution facility is located in California. There are also distribution facilities in other countries such as China, Spain, and Mexico. Airtex Fuel Delivery Systems maintains a headquarter office at 407 West Main Street Fairfield, IL 62837 Tel 618-842-2111

Air Lift Company



Air Lift Company is a manufacturer of air spring suspensions that was founded in 1949. The first product they created is a rubber air spring for use in car in 1950. They invented air spring inserts for coil suspensions for cars in 1950s and invented the sleeve type air springs for pickup trucks in the 1960s. The air helper springs that are used in motorhomes and ambulance were invented in the 1980s. Today, the company produces air spring suspension systems that fit more than 540 models of vehicles around the world. Their air spring suspension systems are designed for all kinds of vehicles including trucks, SUVs, and vans. Air Lift Company is ISO 9001:2008 certified and meets the standard requirements of a quality management system.

Air Lift’s air spring suspension features a closed cell urethane foam that provides maximum air cushion to absorb the impacts from carrying heavy loads. With Air Lift air springs, you can avoid experiencing harsh jarring when you are driving on the highway. It is especially suitable for tow vehicle as it can maintain proper weight distribution to all four tires and allows the vehicle to operate at zero air pressure. The air spring suspension from Airlift can endure up to 5,000 lbs of loads.

Air Lift’s air compression system removes the necessity to go from gas station to gas station to find a compressor that works. There are three types of air compression systems including wireless, automatic, and analog. All Air Lift’s air compression systems can be easily installed with simple tools in under 1 hour. The kit includes everything you need to carry out the installation. The wireless air compressor system allows you to inflate/deflate your air spring to the right pressure with just a single touch of the button on the remote control. The automatic leveling system can automatically inflate/deflate your air springs so that your vehicle can attain the right ride height when the system detects that your vehicle is not level. The Load Controller air springs allows you to inflate/deflate the air springs with a single push of a button.

AirCell can minimize squat for vehicles that are used constantly to carry heavy loads. You don’t have to inflate/deflate it and it just require a single installation. Lock n Lift can add more supports to the air springs in your lifted vehicles.

Air Lift Company offers 60 days money back guarantee with no question asked on all load support products including air springs and on-board air compressor systems. It offers standard limited lifetime warranty for selected air spring products including Air Lift 1000, Ride Control and Air Cell. They offer two year warranty for LoadController on board air compressor systems including Load Controller/Singler and Dual, and Load Controller (I) and (II). It also offer air compressor systems such as WirelessAIR, WirelessONE, and SmartAir.

You can buy Air Lift air springs from local or online auto accessories retailers. You can visit the official site to check the full list of authorized retailers that carry an inventory of Air Lift air springs. Air Lift Company has a headquarter office at 2727 Snow Rd, Lansing, MI 48917 Tel +(800) 248-0892.




Bishko is an online book store that specializes in selling automobile literature. Owners of second hand vehicles who will find these manuals useful if they have problem in installing the replacement parts. Both original and reproduction versions of the manuals are available.

Bishko has a large 100,000 sq. ft. warehouse where they store and deliver the books to the customers. The books are scanned and printed in-house with high quality printing machines and inks. They have an efficient binding system in place to make sure the books are professionally bounded. To find a manual/publication, you simply use the search tool on the left side of the site. The quick search tool allows you to find a book by several criteria including year, make, and category. You can also browse the book by category via the navigation menu on top.

Bishko has a large collection of Ford and GM assembly manuals, The majority of the GM manuals are for Chevrolets with some of the manuals on Oldsmobiles, Pontiacs, and Buicks. Ford assembly manuals are mainly printed for Mustangs and Ford. The assembly manuals include many diagrams that show how the different parts of the automobile are being fitted together. They were reproduced from the original assembly plant pages after removing the marks. The assembly manual include some part numbers but if you want to complete part numbers, you need to reference a parts book.

Bishko offers owners manuals for cars, four wheel drives. and trucks. The owners manual contain information on the different parts of the car including lighting, wheel, instruments, and maintenance.

Paint chips are small chips that show the available colors for a model in a specific year. Paint chip is useful if you want to restore your vehicle’s color and you are not sure what color it is since it has worn off. The paint chips are mounted on top of a heavy paper.

Bishko offers parts books for almost all make/model of car that was manufactured in 1910 until today. The parts book has a detailed diagram that let you see how the parts are fitted together. In the parts book, you will find the part number, part name and a short description for each part. When you have the correct part number, you will be able to buy the part and fix your car.

Bishko also offers a large variety of sales literature including brochures, posters, and post cards. These sales literature are printed to promote a new model of car they launched. The sales brochures can be collected for fun. Owners who are interested in restoring their cars can also get the sales literature.

You can also browse the automobile literature by models, There are automobile literature on many North American models such as AMC, Dodge, Chrysler, Ford, and Pontiac. Every day, Bishko is adding new books into their online catalog. Bisko’s headquarter is situated at 445 S. College Street Piqua, Ohio 45356 Tel 1-800-544-3312.




Bilstein is a shock absorbers manufacturer founded by August Bilstein GmbH in 1873 in Ennepetal, Germany. The company was originally specialized in manufacturing window fittings. It invented the first monotube gas pressure shock absorbers which is based on the de Carbon principle in 1954. The Mandern plant was launched in 1956 to produce OEM shock absorbers. Bilstein’s shock absorbers are first used in Mercedes Benz cars in 1957.

Bilstein offers a complete line of automotive products including rack and pinion, damping applications, chassis, shock absorbers, and air suspension. Bilstein has manufacturing facilities in the Europe and China. Bilstein gas pressure technology makes sure that the oil will always stay under pressure without causing any foaming in the absorber. This allows the shock absorbers to be in full damping power when it is under a heavy load. Bilstein mono technology shock absorber can offer high damping power and better handling when you are working on a large surface. Bilstein twin tube absorbers is a OEM quality shock absorber that has undergone strict tests.

Bilstein round threads comes with the right hook spanners and you can easily adjust it after installing it, The benefit is that it does not have any sharp edges and it is secured with the aluminum spring plate. Bilstein 3C round thread is covered with 3 layers of coatings including zinc alloy, middle coating and top coat. The zinc alloy provides resistance against corrosion while the middle coating creates a homogeneous surface. The top coating offers an aesthetic surface that will protect against all kinds of wear and tear.

Bilstein 1 way adjustment system allows you to make adjustment on the rebound and compression phases with a single adjuster. The 1 way adjustment system involved setting one adjuster on the shock absorber. The 2 way adjustment system allows you to make two different adjustments for the rebound and compression phases. It features 100 setting variations and you can see the adjuster easily in a 1 – 10 scale.

Bilstein air suspension offers constant damping power even if your vehicle is carrying a heavy load. The high reserve capacity offers an optimal safety for your vehicle.

Bilstein offers several types of vehicle suspension control including DampMatic, DampTronic, ridecontrol, and iRC. DampMatic features an automatic damping force adjustment that can give you a comfortable ride like you are riding a limousine when you are traveling at a fast speed. DampTronic can help your vehicle to achieve optimal traction by automatically making adjustment to the current driving condition. Bilstein ridecontrol suspension allows you to switch the drive mode from Normal to Sport mode with the press of a single button. The IRC suspension enables you to change the suspension setting by using your smartphone. The IRC suspension features three auto modes including comfort, normal and sport.

Bilstein ride height change enables you to easily reduce and increase the clearance for the vehicle suspension. Bilstein ride height comes with the lowring kit as well as the body lift kits.

Bilstein offers limited lifetime warranty for their gas pressure shocks The air suspension and steering racks are covered with up to 2 years of warranty. The club sport and motorsports products are covered with 90 days of warranty. Bilstein’s main office branch is situated at ThyssenKrupp Bilstein of America 92064 Poway United States Tel.: +1-800-537-1085.




Bendix is an OEM supplier of air brake system and all its components for trucks and buses in North America. Bendix is originally founded as Westinghouse Air Brake Company in Wilmerding, Pa. The first Westinghouse air brake system was invented in 1924. Bendix is based in Elyria, Ohio but it also has manufacturing plants in other places. Two of the manufacturing plants are located in USA while the other is located in Mexico.

Bendix ABS system features the ESP system which provides information that can help to reduce the roll over when traveling on slippery surfaces. It forecasts information on the road conditions ahead so that you know how to cope. The data can also be used for training the driver.

Bendix Eversure spring brake is an ideal replacement for your worn down sprint brakes. It prevents coil clash from happening and enables the protective coating to last longer.

Bendix air disc brake can offer a smoother braking feel. It does not require a lot of maintenance and can reduce the service time significantly. The lifespan of the lining will be increased by twice while the lifespan of the rotor will increase by 4 times.

Bendix air treatment can efficiently prevent all kinds of contaminants from entering into the air brake system. It ensures that there is always a flow of clean and dry air supplied to the reservoir at all time.

Bendix AutoVue Lane Departure Warning System will let you know if your vehicle has drift passed the lane marking by releasing a warning. It can work in most of the weather conditions when it is difficult to see the road ahead.

Bendix eTrac is designed especially for 6×2 tractors and trucks. When you turn on the etrac system, it will automatically get your vehicle away from the part of the road that is slippery. It will automatically activate the air bag transfer when it exceed more than 25 mph. The semi automatic mode, also known as the ATC mud/snow switch, will immediately start the air bag pressure transfer. It will automatically switch off when it exceed more than 10 mph.

Bendix remanufactured brake shoes are matched with the specs of the OEM version It is covered with a layer of protex coatings to get rid of the rust. It offers 3 levels of friction including basic, advanced and OE friction.

Bendix formula blue hydraulic brake parts comes with all the necessary hardware including brake calipers, rotors, brake pads, and shoes. It carries an inventory of more than 7,700 hydraulic brake parts. It is suitable for a variety of light and medium duty vehicles, starting from the 2010 model year up until today.

If you want to claim a warranty, you will have to fill in the warranty claim form which can be downloaded from the Bendix site. There are two types of warranty claim forms including dealer and distributor claim form. You have to be quick in filling the form because it will be time out in 20 minutes. Some of the information you must provide are primary complaint, returning part number, mileage, date in service and date removed. You are to print 4 copies of the warranty form. Two copies of the warranty forms should be attached along with the returned part while the third copy is used for the packing list. The last copy is to be kept for your own records. You will be able to check the warranty status by using the online warranty claim search.

Bendix’s headquarter is located at 901 Cleveland Street Elyria, Ohio 44035 Tel 1-440-329-9000.




Beck/Arnley is a supplier of OE quality parts for vehicles. The company first started as a motorcycle parts manufacturer in 1914. It switched to importing vehicles starting in the 1950s. Beck/Arnley’s headquarter and distribution center are situated in Smyrna in Tennessee. They are in partnership with a number of independent manufacturers to produce the parts.

Beck/Arnley brake products are created with the highest grade of materials and they are guaranteed to fit and function like the part you remove. The bearings are heat treated to increase the lifespan while the cold forming technology ensures that the formed bearing will function properly.

TRUE Braking is a line of brake parts products that can be used as a replacement part for import vehicles. Some of the products included in TRUE Braking are TRUE Fiction, TRUE Metal, TRUE Calipers and TRUE Shoes. TRUE Friction brake pads match with the specs of the materials your vehicle manufacturer recommends. TRUE Metal features directional finish, high carbon, and top coat.

The 089 series is a collection of international brand name brake pads. It offers coverage for more than 8919 applications for the years range in between 1995 – 2014. The pads are packaged in the original box and is labeled with the Beck/Arnley logo.

Beck/Arnley offers three types of engine parts including sensors, fuel injection and ignition. The sensor fit and function like the OE version. There is a variety of sensors including vehicle speed, crank, ignition knock and MAP sensors. Beck/Arnley offers exact match electronic fuel pumps that do not have any splicing wire, or connector. The fuel pump comes with the sock filter. Beck Arnley offer completely new fuel injectors that are sourced from the OE.

Beck/Arnley cooling system is designed to keep the engine in your car cool. Beck/Arnley offers three types of cooling systems including water pumps, thermostats, and antifreeze. They are designed to be a perfect fit with the OE version and it includes all the hardware needed to perform the installation. Beck/Arnley features a durable metal impeller that is stronger than the resin impeller. The water pump also has a full housing to reduce the installation time. Beck/Arnley thermometer helps to maintain an optimal heating/cooling temperature in your climate. The thermometer comes with full housing. Some models of thermometers have coolant temperature sensor.

Beck/Arnley clutch is new and does not have any core to deal with. The clutch system has the same quality as the OE version. The clutch set offers every hardware you need for performing the installation including the reservoirs and caps.

Besides, Beck/Arnley also manufacture a variety of automotive electrical products including air conditioning system, sunroof, alternator tester and electric door locks.

You can visit the Beck/Arnley find locate the local dealers and online stores that carry an inventory of their products. You can also download the entire catalog of the Beck/Arnley products from the official site. They offer brochures for both the general and fluid materials. Most of the automotive parts by Beck/Arnley are covered with 1 year warranty or up to 12,000 miles. Beck/Arnley’s headquarter is situated at 2375 Midway Lane Smyrna, TN 37167 Tel 615-220-3200.

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