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Airtex Vehicle Electronics is a leading supplier of electronic automotive components around the world. Airtex Vehicle Electronics was founded in 1983 in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin and operates as part of a company called NGK Spark Plug Co., Ltd. It is recognized for its high quality spark plugs which can be used in automobile, motorcycle, and marine. Its first electronics facility is located in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. From the Fond du Lac facility, they shipped out their products for automotive industries around the world. They maintain a 200,000 square foot distribution complex in Centerville in Iowa and a manufacturing facility in Reynosa in Mexico.
Airtex Vehicle Electronics offers over 38,000 electronics automotive components including ignition, fuel systems, emissions, switches, and relays. Airtex ignition coil is able to react accordingly when the computer gives a command. The magnetic core design can efficiently hold the magnetic flow to ensure optimal performance. The bobbin is designed to hold the magnetic wire in precision. Airtex fuel system is capable of delivering the right mix of air and fuel so that your vehicle can have improved fuel economy and lower emissions.

They manufacture several parts for the emission system including Idle Air Control Valves, Throttle Air Bypass Valves, and PCV Valves. The emission system is available for all makes and models. Airtex EGR Valve features heavier circuit board, OE matched mounting and connector, and plunger that is coated with sealant. Airtex idle air control valve features OE matched pintle profiles and plunger shafts. Airtex idle air control valve is designed to adapt to all temperatures in the engine.

Airtex Vehicle Electronics manufactures a wide selection of switches including oil pressure, headlight, brakelight, door jamb, combination, and seat control switches. Airtex switches are engineered and tested to meet the OE specifications. They use a combination of nylon, glassed filled plastic to manufacture the switch. For the best conduction, the electrical terminals is made with a combination of copper, nickel and silver.

Airtex Vehicle Electronics offers a few types of sensors including fuel tank, vapor pressure, wheel speed, anti-lock brake system, throttle position, battery temperature and coolant temperature sensors. Airtex fuel tank sensor can accurately read both positive and negative pressures in the fuel tank and send the information to the computer. Airtex sensors is easy to install and work as it should after installation. There is no need for any adjustment after you install it.

Airtex Vehicle Electronics offers starter solenoid that fits various make/model of vehicles including Mazda, and Chevrolet. The starter fits various types of engine including naturally aspirated and turbocharged. Airtex also offer several types of relax including rear window, fuel pump, manifold heater and antenna relay.

You can buy Airtex Vehicle Electronics’ electronics automotive parts from various online stores. Many of the parts that Airtex offers are covered with 1 year warranty that starts from the purchase date. If you find the product defective, you must return it along with the proof of purchase. Upon inspection, they will replace you with a new product without any charge. The main office branch’s location of Airtex Vehicle Electronics is at 385 W. Rolling Meadows Drive Fond du Lac, WI 54937 Tel +1-800-558-9770

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