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Did you ever used a RockAuto discount code (RockAuto coupon code) to get a bargain for your auto parts order? Because of this company`s cheap prices, thousands of new customers turn from more popular online auto retailers, like AutoZone or Advance Auto Parts, to this brand every year. This is why perhaps RockAuto free shipping code and 10% Rockauto discount code aren`t available – they already offer cheap prices for their auto parts as well as 5% Rockauto discount codes to repeat customers.

About RockAuto

RockAuto is a premier vender when it comes to auto merchandise. The company was founded in 1999 by the Taylor family. These days the brand sends thousands of auto parts from over two hundred manufacturers around the world. The brand`s catalog is updated every day with new RockAuto parts like brake pads, door handles, absorbers, bumpers or mirrors – and aren`t the only ones.

Anyone who has a car and is a driver knows how important these things are – in case an important car part might break, you may end needing to wait a long time before you can be “rescued.” This is where a discount code from Rock Auto can help. If your car is important for you, you can`t ignore this, but neither your budget. If you choose to use such rockauto discount codes, you`ll enjoy more space in your wallet as well as safety each time you drive your car.

Which do you think are the most important questions in people`s mind when it comes to a RockAuto.com discount code? Where to enter them? Are RockAuto free shipping coupons or RockAuto discount code 10% off deals offered by this company? These are only a few of the questions the most users ask themselves on forums and message boards when looking for this type of online codes. We will do our best to answer them in this tutorial.

RockAuto Customer Service

Rockauto offers very detailed customer service, you can get the complete information about the auto parts, its manufacturers, warranty,  shipping charges and track the orders.  Customer can share their feedback about the parts and if there is any complaint about the quality, they can directly call and inform the customer service.

In short, if you have any queries, complaints, feedback, suggestions, you can either call them directly to their toll free phone number for customer support or you can write a mail to their customer support email ID.

Rockauto discount code

RockAuto Phone Number

Customer Service Phone Number: 866-762-5288
Average Hold Time:   3 mins wait
Call Center Hours: Mon-Thu 7am-10am, Fri 7am-9am, Sat 7am-6pm, Sun 8am-4pm ESTOPEN
Steps: WHEN CALLING ROCKAUTO,  Press 0 then 3

Reaching the support by making a call to Rockauto.com is easy task.   Rockauto offers toll free number 866-762-5288 to reach the customer service,   Just dial that toll free number on your landline or mobile and talk to the customer support representative ,  without hesitation ask your questions like complete address, working  hours, online bill payment, how to reach them, shipping charges, warranty etc. this toll free helpline of Rockauto.com is best rated to get technical support, There is a web based live chat support system to solve the technical issues with customer support representative.

RockAuto Contact and Address

RockAuto, LLC
6418 Normandy Lane
Suite 100
Madison, WI 53719
[email protected]


RockAuto Customer Service Email

[email protected]

About RockAuto Free Shipping & RockAuto Discount Codes

    • Where to Enter Rockauto Discount Code or Rockauto Coupon Code? If you already have a code to use and you know for which car part you need it, just visit this page and browse the car part catalog until you find the part you want, and then go to the checkout page. Once you get there, you should insert your code in the “How did you hear about us” field. Then at the next page you`ll see how your order is recalculated after your 5% discount code is taken into consideration.
    • Where to Find a RockAuto Discount Code or Rockauto Coupon Code? There are many reliable sites that can offer you this type of deal. You can check out sites like RetailMeNot.com or BluePromoCode.com. You can also try various forum threads where others users talk specifically about promotional deals released by this company, such as Pirate4x4.com or Mazda626.net. Additionally, if no valid code is available at that time, you can also post your own thread on one of these forums asking others for help.If you want to use a Rock Auto shipping code, keep in mind that you won`t have your shipping options available until you`ll enter the zip code of your local area. These options will become available to you in the “Shipping” box of your shopping card. However, all zip code areas have shipping options available. You also have to allow at least 1 business day for in-stock products to be sent.
    • Are RockAuto Free Shipping Coupons and Discount Codes of 10% Off Released by Rock Auto? No, they are not! The general discount offered by Rock Auto is of 5% off. If you want at least minimize your shipping expenses in some way, check out this tutorial uploaded by company on YouTube.

Best Rockauto Discount Code Deals in 2022

To have an idea about what deals can you get in 2022 when using discount codes from Rock Auto, just check out this below list.

      • Save 5% Off Sitewide with rockauto discount code or rockauto coupon code
      • The Perfect Gift for any Car Enthusiast
      • 5% Off Your Entire Purchase with rockauto discount code or rockauto coupon code
      • Discounts on Motocycle, Car, Bus, Marine, or other Vehicle Parts
      • 5% Off Entire Order with rockauto discount code or rockauto coupon code
      • Auto Parts Mystery Savings
      • Code for Brake Shoes Roters

RockAuto Discount Code

Rockauto Order Status & Returns

Check order status

Request a change

Report a problem with an order or shipment

Get return instructions and shipping label or enter return tracking

In rockauto order status and return page, you can do the following:

          • Check order status
          • Request a change
          • Report a problem with an order or shipment
          • Get return instructions and shipping label or enter return tracking

You can enter your mobile number, email and order number to find the details about your order. In case if you do not know the order number, then you can get the list of orders that you placed by just entering the email.

Rockauto Newsletter

Rockauto newsletter helps you get the latest update about the rockauto company,  manufacturers, deals,  events and rebates. You can find the old news in the rockauto newsletter archive page.

You can subscribe with your email in rockauto subscription form.

You can subscribe to rockauto RSS feed in your favorite RSS reader, which is helping you to  create a personal news  feed and read your favorite websites and blogs in a clean and intuitive format.

RockAuto Help and FAQ

How Can I Find the Part for My Car or Truck?

You can find the right part for your car or truck by browsing to the brand name of your vehicle in the part catalog. It is easy to find your vehicle brand name since it is listed alphabetically. You are to click on the plus sign to expand the year. After you have chosen the year of your vehicle, you can select the model and size of your engine.

click to expand the year, model, and engine size of your vehicle

Alternatively, you can find your part by entering the year, make, model and engine of the vehicle. The search result will display the parts that matched with the keywords you enter. You can use the down arrow to select the parts. When you found the correct part, you simply use your mouse to click on it, hit the enter key or click on the magnifying glass icon  to go to the description page.

In the box at the top of the catalog

What are the Meanings of the Flags Located Above the Catalog?

Flags are used to let the customers know the original country the vehicle was marketed for example US and Canada. When doing a search, you should not check the boxes of country flags for vehicles that you know are not available in your country. You can also check boxes of multiple country flags to see cars that are imported into your country. If you uncheck the < box, you will only see the latest vehicle models.

How Can I Search for the Part If I Know What Portion of the Vehicle is Wrong but I Don’t Know Which Part is Damaged?

You must click on the parts category and you can then see a list of related parts. For example, when you click on Belt Drive, you will see the related parts such as Belt, and Belt Tensioner. The parts that most people often buy are highlighted in bold.

how can I find it?

How Can I Search for the Part if I Know Its Name?

If you know the part name, you can enter it into the Find Category box. After that, you will see a list of parts based on the keyword you have entered. When you saw the part you are looking for, you just click on it or press the down arrow to select it and hit enter. Clicking on the magnifying glass icon will highlight every single category that contain the name of the vehicle parts.

I know the name of the part I need, how can I find it?

How Can I Find the Part I Need by Using the Part Number?

If you prefer to search by the part number, you must select the Part Number Search tab and enter the part number into the appropriate field and click on the Search button. There is no need to select the manufacturer or part group. However, if you want to filter the results by brand, you can use the drop down menu.


If you don’t know what is the name of the part, just enter the keywords and you will see suggestions in the search result.


Is There a Need to Cross Reference the Part Number?

It is unnecessary to cross reference part number to verify that you are get the right part for your vehicle. Please read Which part will fit my vehicle? to verify that a part is indeed what you are looking for.

How Do I Search for the Parts for Heavy Trucks, Tractors, Snowmobiles, Boats and Motorcycles?

There is no option on RockAuto for you to search the parts of these vehicles by make and model. The only way to search for the part is to use the Part Number Search tab. You can browse the parts such as lights, belts and hoses based on sizes.

Parts like, lights, belts, hoses, and other parts in our

How Do we find if the Auto Parts are In Stock?

In Rockauto site,  we can find the catalog, which contains the parts list,  In general, whatever listed in the catelog are in stock,  unless if the stock availability is explicitly mentioned in the product status,  like “non-stock item” or “out of stock”.

If we Don’t find the Part we want to buy, what it means?

In Rockauto  site, we can search by entering make, model, size and year of the engine or vehicle, if the search result does not show the part we are searching,  then mostly they do not have the part in stock or do not sale the part.  The catalog gets updated every single day with new parts and new suppliers,  which we need to check constantly in case if we do not find the genuine parts anywhere else.

Does Rockauto provides a Paper Catalog?

Rockauto  do not provide paper catalog to their customers.

How someone can find RockAuto coupons easily?

How to find best offers or coupon from RockAuto?

How do I use my promo code for RockAuto?

Which is the official Rockauto coupon page?


What is RockAuto  loyalty programs?


Sometimes, a RockAuto discount code, Rockauto free shipping code or a RockAuto coupon code can be exactly what you need. You may not benefit of RockAuto free shipping codes to save large amounts of money, but a 5% RockAuto discount code it`s better than nothing and saving money is important, no matter the amount, right? So get your code now because tomorrow it may be too late.

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