ACDelco is specialized in supplying original equipment automotive parts for GM line of vehicles. It was founded by William Durrant in 1916 as United Motors Corporation. It used to be known by many other names such as United Motors Corporation, United Motors Service, and United Delco. When the company just started out, Durant outsourced to many smaller parts manufacturers. Later, United Motors Corporation was acquired by General Motors (GM) but it still retain many of the functions.

Its name was changed to AC-Delco after it was merged with AC Spark Plug in 1974. It merged with AC Spark Plug to make their operations more efficient. One of the divisions, called Delco-Remy was renamed to Remy International, Inc after being acquired by private investors. AC-Delco undergo a rebranding in 1995, in which the hyphen was dropped and it also get a new logo.

ACDelco supplies more than 90,000 automotive parts for all the major systems including car batteries, oil filters, alternators, air conditioning and radiators. It also provide auto parts from other vehicle components including belts and hose, filters, chassis, brakes, fuel pumps, spark plugs, thermostats, and water pumps. The original auto parts that ACDelco supplies meet the standards of the specs of the OEM parts. Apart from the original OEM auto parts, ACDelco also offer high quality aftermarket automotive replacement parts. They supply auto parts for 37 lines of products and their products can be found worldwide.

All auto parts are covered with warranty via the ACDelco Consumer Assurance Program. The Consumer Assurance program offers a coverage of 2 years or up to 24,000 miles for all the auto parts that are installed in your vehicle while at the authorized service center. To claim the warranty, you must go to the original service center. You will have to show your receipt if the service center is located more than 25 miles away from the original service center. They will begin the repairing process after verifying your receipt.

You get to enjoy a complimentary 1 year Roadside Assistance coverage when you take your vehicle to repair at the nearest ACDelco Professional Service Center. The services included in the complimentary roadside assistance coverage are towing, jump start and flat tire assistance.

You can obtain ACDelco automotive replacement parts from a repair shop or auto parts store located nearby. It is also possible to purchase the parts at the online auto parts store. You can locate a nearby auto repair shop or online auto parts store at the official ACDelco site.

You can find information about the auto parts by browsing the online catalog at the site. The catalog list the parts number so you should be able to easily find information on the parts you need. The information given on the auto parts takes into account the make/model of the vehicle as well as the vehicle identification number (VIN). The recommended parts information is for a vehicle that is not modified in any way. You can reach ACDelco at P.O. Box 33171 Detroit, MI 48232-5171 Tel: 1-800-223-3526.

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