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Aisin Seiki is a leading Japanese manufacturer of automotive parts and components for the automobile industry. The company was first founded as Tokai Hikoki Co., Ltd. In 1943 and they only manufacture aircraft parts at that time. After the Second World War, they started to produce automotive parts. This change in their production caused them to rename their company to Aichi Kogyo Co., Ltd in 1945. Over the years, they have increased the selections of automotive parts and systems products. The company name was change once again to Aisin Seiki Co. Ltd. after merging with Shinkawa Kogyo Co. Ltd. They entered into the automotive market in the USA in 1970.

Aisin holds several brand names with each specialized in a certain area including Aisin AW, Aisin AI, Advics, and Imra. Aisin AW invented the Prius transmission and the first speaking navigation system in the world. Aisin Seiki is listed on the 347th place in the list of Fortune Global 500 companies. They produce parts for all major systems in the vehicle including engine, chassis, and body. Aisin is partly owned by Toyota Group because thirty percent of its shares is belonged to them. Aisin Seiki has headquarters around the world including USA, Brazil, Belgium, China, Japan and Australia.

Aisin Seiki offers several types of automotive products including cooling, drive train, engine, chemicals, and electronics. Aisin water pump is made with the latest technology in aluminum die casting. The water pump can create engine specific water pressure without causing too much loads on the engine. The carbon ceramic seals secure the water pump so that it won’t leak easily. Timing belt kit include water pump, gasket and timing belt that matches with the standards of the OE components. Aisin Fan Clutch offers optimal cooling performance by making adjustment to the air temperature. Aisin Fan Pulley Brackets features a geometrical design and high quality bearings. Aisin hydraulic tensioners has a unique hydraulic pressurizing mechanism that can reduce the timing belt vibrations.

Aisin OE matched clutch kit includes clutch cover and disc, and alignment tool. The release bearing and pilot bearing are also included in the kit. Aisin clutch hydraulic features an anodizing and kanizen cylinder plating that can protect the surface from corrosion. It has a quick response design that can react quickly when the clutch and brake are applied. Aisin free wheel hubs has a strong locking mechanism that allows the drivetrain power to be transmitted to the wheels efficiently. The large manual dial lets you conveniently switch in between 2WD and 4WD mode. Aisin oil pump is matched with the OE standard and is designed to lubricate the important engine components. Aisin timing chain cover includes a water pump and oil pump and protects important moving parts in the engine.

Aisin Seiki offers a warranty of 1 year or up to 12,000 miles for most of its automotive products. Usually, you can check the warranty information in the product description page of the store where you purchase it. Aisin Seiki automotive parts can be purchased at many local and online automotive stores. The USA headquarter of Aisin Seiki is situated in 1665 East Fourth Street, Seymour, Indiana 47274 Tel 812-524-8144.

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