Bilstein is a shock absorbers manufacturer founded by August Bilstein GmbH in 1873 in Ennepetal, Germany. The company was originally specialized in manufacturing window fittings. It invented the first monotube gas pressure shock absorbers which is based on the de Carbon principle in 1954. The Mandern plant was launched in 1956 to produce OEM shock absorbers. Bilstein’s shock absorbers are first used in Mercedes Benz cars in 1957.

Bilstein offers a complete line of automotive products including rack and pinion, damping applications, chassis, shock absorbers, and air suspension. Bilstein has manufacturing facilities in the Europe and China. Bilstein gas pressure technology makes sure that the oil will always stay under pressure without causing any foaming in the absorber. This allows the shock absorbers to be in full damping power when it is under a heavy load. Bilstein mono technology shock absorber can offer high damping power and better handling when you are working on a large surface. Bilstein twin tube absorbers is a OEM quality shock absorber that has undergone strict tests.

Bilstein round threads comes with the right hook spanners and you can easily adjust it after installing it, The benefit is that it does not have any sharp edges and it is secured with the aluminum spring plate. Bilstein 3C round thread is covered with 3 layers of coatings including zinc alloy, middle coating and top coat. The zinc alloy provides resistance against corrosion while the middle coating creates a homogeneous surface. The top coating offers an aesthetic surface that will protect against all kinds of wear and tear.

Bilstein 1 way adjustment system allows you to make adjustment on the rebound and compression phases with a single adjuster. The 1 way adjustment system involved setting one adjuster on the shock absorber. The 2 way adjustment system allows you to make two different adjustments for the rebound and compression phases. It features 100 setting variations and you can see the adjuster easily in a 1 – 10 scale.

Bilstein air suspension offers constant damping power even if your vehicle is carrying a heavy load. The high reserve capacity offers an optimal safety for your vehicle.

Bilstein offers several types of vehicle suspension control including DampMatic, DampTronic, ridecontrol, and iRC. DampMatic features an automatic damping force adjustment that can give you a comfortable ride like you are riding a limousine when you are traveling at a fast speed. DampTronic can help your vehicle to achieve optimal traction by automatically making adjustment to the current driving condition. Bilstein ridecontrol suspension allows you to switch the drive mode from Normal to Sport mode with the press of a single button. The IRC suspension enables you to change the suspension setting by using your smartphone. The IRC suspension features three auto modes including comfort, normal and sport.

Bilstein ride height change enables you to easily reduce and increase the clearance for the vehicle suspension. Bilstein ride height comes with the lowring kit as well as the body lift kits.

Bilstein offers limited lifetime warranty for their gas pressure shocks The air suspension and steering racks are covered with up to 2 years of warranty. The club sport and motorsports products are covered with 90 days of warranty. Bilstein’s main office branch is situated at ThyssenKrupp Bilstein of America 92064 Poway United States Tel.: +1-800-537-1085.

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