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RockAuto Discounts: Secrets Unrevealed!

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Most online users who are interested in buying cheap auto parts online are always turning to RockAuto. Do you know why? Mostly because of the great RockAuto discounts released by the brand. The company offers the cheapest auto parts in the market, but also releases 5% off discount codes for repeat customers quite often.

RockAuto Free Shipping & RockAuto Discount Code 10 Off – A Mith?

In all my time since I`ve used the services of this brand, I always saw people looking for free shipping and 10% discount codes released by Rock Auto. I have to tell you from the start, there isn`t a RockAuto discount 10% or Rockauto discount code free shipping available on the market and probably there won`t be any time soon. Rock Auto already offers the cheapest prices in the entire industry of online auto retailing. Besides this, the 5% RockAuto discount code for repeat customers is already offered for quite some time.

Where to find a RockAuto discount code? Forums and car related message boards should be your best bet. On many of these forums, Rock Auto is a sponsor, so it releases these codes there on a regular basis, sometimes twice per month.

The Rock Auto discounts code should be entered in the “How did you hear about us?” field, without any other characters or empty spaces before or after your code. See the image below to better understand the process.

If you can`t find the discounts you need at this company, other auto parts discounts are available out there, such AutoZone discounts, Advance Auto discounts, TireRack discounts or Kragen discounts. Any of these options can be great choices, no doubt about it.

Additional RockAuto Discount Secrets

There are other specifications related to RockAuto discounts that customers need to keep into their minds:

  • Wholesaler Closeout – the closeout parts are nothing more than the company`s “clearance rack.” Generally, they:
  1. Are new, but might be older inventory and look distinct than the brand`s typical inventory of the same auto part (for instance, a distinct color).
  2. Were obtained with a discounted price from other brands which were liquidating their inventory.
  3. May be limited a specific quantity on hand and can`t be changed with normal inventory using the very same price.

The company`s thirty-day return policy will generally apply to all pats that are sold, this will include “wholesaler closeout” products. Still, a lot of these auto parts are being purchased from wholesalers that are specialized in surplus, and not really from real manufacturers and other of their distributors which are authorized, the manufacturer won`t honor any warranty claims on products that are marked closeout. For most of the applications, the Rock Auto catalog provides other auto parts from the company`s normal inventory, completely warranted, at normal cost.

  • Rock Auto discounts aren`t offered for large orders, but there`s a discount program available for repeat clients. All repeat customers get a 5% discount code on their email address 30 days after they placed their order.
  • For those customers who are interested in recovering their core deposit, they should know the company sends core return guidelines to their customers` email addresses when the last auto part from their order is being shipped. Additional core return guidelines are available on the Order Status & Returns page.

To get your refund, full transmission and engine cores should be returned within 2 months. Other ones should be returned within 6 months from the date the order was made. The customer is solely responsible for any return shipping expenses if the RockAuto catalog doesn`t states anything different. If the customer wants to take benefit of the brand`s discounted prices, he is able to get a shipping label from the company`s Order Status & Returns web page.

  • Rock Auto discounts and other special rates aren`t available to businesses. The discount program for repeat customers can be used though just in the same manner as regular individual customers. These 5% discount codes that are offered though this program thirty days after the order has been placed can be used as many times as the customer wants until the code expires.
  • For customers from foreign countries, Rock Auto sends its discount e-mails and newsletter in the language the customer has chosen even if any future purchases are made through a distinct language.

Final Conclusion

RockAuto discounts weren`t released to attract new customers, but rather to keep the existing customers to buy more auto parts from the brand. To attract new buyers Rock Auto sells its auto parts at very cheap prices. As you see, this is a win-win situation for the company, for new buyers as well as for repeat customers.

8 Tips You Have to Know about RockAuto Discounts

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If you are serious about using RockAuto discounts, it`s best if you would improve your general knowledge about them before you start using them. It`s great to be able to save money with your every auto part order, but if you don`t know what you are doing, you may find yourself in situations when you have to spend more money on shipping returns or spending too much time online looking for discounts that in fact don`t exist.

What Exactly Are these Discounts?

RockAuto offers different ways that customers can use to save money on their online auto parts orders. It may be in the form of discount codes that can be obtained from a RockAuto discount code forum or various coupon code-related sites. It may be in the form of various promotions that subscribers receive in their emails if they subscribed to the company`s regular newsletter. But no matter the type of discount customers choose to use, the outcome should always be the same – a certain percentage of the entire order should be discounted.

Consider This Before Anything Else

1. RockAuto doesn`t offer discounts that can be applied after a specific auto part order has shipped. Nor does it offer discounts valid on phone orders.

2. The company doesn`t share customer personal info and doesn`t use TeleMarket. It may use, however, your email to contact you about various promos, newsletters, discounts or various events.

3. Each customer has the option to unsubscribe at any time from the brand`s mailing list. He also has the possibility of turning these emails on or off using the “Receive RockAuto Newsletter & Discount E-mails” box. All he has to do is log in to his account, then check or uncheck the box, and click on the “Submit” button located to the right.

4. RockAuto doesn`t offer discounts for large or bulk orders. However, the company has a discount program for loyal customers. Each repeat customer may receive discount codes about 30 days after he places the order.

5. If the customer is from a foreign country and he doesn`t know the English language that well, RockAuto will offer the possibility of receiving the newsletter in the native language of each subscriber. Each customer can choose a specific language from the “Preferred Language for Newsletter & Discount E-mails” menu. All he needs to is log in to his account, choose a language from the menu, and then click on the “Submit” tab from the right of the box.

6. Let`s say you managed to grab a discount code of $5 off. Now what? You need to know where to add it to benefit of those $5 of discount. The code needs to be included in the “How Did You Hear About Us?” box. But keep in mind that you should avoid adding any other characters besides the actual code, even if we are talking about blank spaces.

7. One of the main interests for the average user is related to the RockAuto discount 10%. Unfortunately, the company doesn`t offer any RockAuto discount code 10 off or anything like that.

8. Another type of discount that that most customers are always looking for is the RockAuto discount code free shipping. Unfortunately, this code isn`t available as well. If a customer really wants to benefit of free shipping for his car parts order, it`s best to turn to other online auto retailers such as AutoZone or Advance Auto Parts.

Is This Enough?

So, how about it? Is this enough to get you going? Or do you feel you may need more info on discounts released by RockAuto.