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ATP Automotive, also known as ATP, Inc, is an automotive supplier of replacement parts for primarily automatic transmission. ATP, Inc was first established on the 1st of July in 1955. Their first facility is a 2000 square foot facility located in Chicago. When their business expand, they relocated to a bigger facility at Elk Grove, III, which covers an area of 92,000 sq. ft. The new facility enables them to fulfill a turnover rate of more than 98%.

The company started as a supplier of automatic transmission parts and later added other types of products into their inventory including engine, cabin air filter, transmission cable, flywheel and ring gears. The Graywerks ATP line entered into the market in 2001. Up to date, they have already released 21 new transmission parts which total up to over 300 parts. They changed their logo to a more modern logo, which is the current logo in 2014.

ATP premium transmission filters is able to capture the contaminants and ensure smooth fluid flow to increase the lifespan of the transmission system. ATP transmission filters meet with the basic specs of the OE filtration and is equipped with an innovative gasket technology.

ATP engine parts comes with all the necessary hardware and is completely new. The exhaust manifolds can efficiently transport the exhaust gas into the compartment of your engine.

ATP cabin filter prevents the particles from entering via a static electrical charge. The absorbent filter serve as a trap for all the dust and pollens from outside.

ATP offers a full line of automotive cables including speedometer, accelerator, and tailgate. It also includes many cable parts that are difficult to find at other automotive stores. ATP cables are designed to function as efficiently as your old OE cable.

ATP differential kit include the gasket as well as the internal magnet. The differentials are coated with a layer of phosphate to increase its resistance against corrosion.

ATP offers a wide range of chemical fluids including transmission assembly lube, friction modifier, speedometer lubricant, and power steering fluids. They also offer a variety of transfer cases including power take off cover gasket, extension housing seal, output shaft seal, and input shaft seal.

ATP Automotive offers several types of warranty coverage for its products. Most of the products are covered with ATP Automotive Limited 1 Year Warranty. ATP Automotive’s front differentials are covered with ATP Driven Limited 5 Year Warranty. The ATP Graywerks Limited Lifetime Warranty provides coverage for all the engine parts including exhaust manifolds and intake manifolds. Both Oil Pans and Transmission Pans are covered with ATP Graywerks Limited Lifetime Warranty. Other products that are protected with this warranty include harmonic balancers, differentials and timing covers. All manifold catalytic converters are covered with the ATP Graywerks Limited warranty for up to 5 Year/50,000 miles. If you want to claim the warranty, you must return it to the manufacturer along with the proof of purchase. You will be responsible for the return postage.

The main office headquarter of ATP Automotive can be found at
1300 W. Pratt Boulevard Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 Tel 847-967-6790.

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