ATE North America

ATE North America is a leading manufacturer of brake systems for European vehicles in the USA. ATE has been established in the industry for more than a century. The founder of the company is Alfred Teves who established it 105 years ago. They invented the first hydraulic brake system in 1926 and the first anti-lock braking system in 1967. ATE PremiumOne Rotors features the patented RotorLife wear indicator, which will let you know when your rotor is damaged and has to be replaced. The MetaCote coating can protect your rotor from dirt as well as corrosion. It is equipped with an OE brake system technology and will function just like your old original equipment rotor.

ATE PremiumOne Pads features advanced friction formulation that can increase the lifespan of the pad and reduce the amount of dust that accumulate on the wheel. The premium friction grade and unique pad under layer design enable your brake to function quietly without a lot of vibration. The pad has already been enhanced with all the safety components so that you can save money in performing repairs.

ATE Ceramic Brake Pads is equipped with an innovative fiber technology that produces a layer of the transfer film that can reduce brake dust and slow down the wear and tear. ATE brake products are available for several European brand name vehicles in the USA including Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and Volvo.

ATE offers 5 types of brake fluids including ATE G, ATE SL, ATE SL 6, and ATE TYP 200. The new ATE SL.6 fluid is a thin bodied brake fluid designed to generate a rapid response time for the ESP system. It has a faster reaction time compared to an ordinary brake fluid. The ATE SL.6 can be used as a replacement for Super DOT 4 and is designed to be used in electronic brake system. ATE TYP 200 will cause a minimal drop on the boiling point because it has a unique water binding property. Both the ATE G and ATE SL brake fluids are covered with 1 year warranty. The ATE SL6 is covered with 2 years of warranty while the ATE TYP 200 is covered with 3 years of warranty. ATE brake fluids are environmentally friendly and safe to use as stated in the ESH Policy Statement.

All automotive products by ATE North America including brake rotors and brake pads are covered with a limited warranty coverage. The limited warranty coverage, which is issued by Continental Teves, Inc, will last up to 12 months. This warranty coverage will be voided if it is modified, damaged, or not used in a way that is recommended by ATE. Before you can claim the warranty, a CTI sales representative must first inspect it and give the approval. When filing for a claim, you must include information such as customer’s name, telephone number, address, make/model of your vehicle, purchase invoice and signature of the person who install the part.

The main headquarter office of ATE North America is located at 6755 Snowdrift Road Allentown, PA 18106 Tel 800-564-5066.

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