Anchor Industries is a leading manufacturer that specialized in engine and transmission products founded in 1933. The four main products that Anchor Industries offers are engine mount, transmission mount, suspension strut mounts, and center support bearing. Anchor parts are used in both domestic and import formula.

They maintain a full electronic catalog of the products they carry in their inventory. There are more than 5,000 parts available in the online catalog and they constantly add new products to meet the increasing demands of the automotive industry. All parts by Anchor Industries are made from premium materials so that they can have maximum lifespan. The quality of the Anchor parts are matched with the OEM standards.

Anchor engine and transmission mounts aim to provide supports for the engine located on the chassis. They are designed in a way that will reduce noise and vibration on the vehicles Both the engine and transmission mounts are made from both natural and Styrene Butadiene rubber to offer stronger resistance against the abrasion. The fasteners used on the engine mounts are made with hardened steel that has been treated with heat. To make sure the rubber and bond are bonded properly, they use a chemlock branded bonding agent. The rubber material is designed with specific Durometer according to the requirements of the vehicles. The hydraulic mounting is designed to suit both front wheel and transverse drive train.

Anchor Center Support Bearings is used as a junction when the drive shaft has been divided into two different sections. The center support bearings help to reduce the stress put on the drive line components. The rubber cushion absorb the impact from overloading and also reduce the vibration. Heavy gauge steel is used in making the housing frame so that it can have longer lifespan. It also come with a sealed bearing and dust shield that you can easily install.

Anchor Suspension Strut Mounts functions as a mount on top of the suspension strut assembly to help reduce the noises. Another function is that it helps to maintain proper alignment and enables the steering to have better response. The rubber used in the Anchor Suspension Strut Mount is heat bonded and joined to the metal. The high quality rubber ensures that the steering has good response. The steel of the suspension strut mount features 2 layers of coatings including e-coating and zinc plating. The purpose of the coating is to slow down the oxidation process and increase its resistance against rust.

Besides carrying its own branded product, Anchor Industries also distribute other American brand name products. They offer services such as private labeling, barcode labeling, and bulk packaging. They also offer drop ship products for sellers at an affordable pricing.

Anchor engine and transmission parts are covered with up to 12 months of warranty coverage. You should request the warranty coverage from the customer support of the store where you purchase the anchor parts.

Anchor Industries maintains a headquarter office at 30775 Solon Industrial Parkway, Cleveland Ohio 44139 Tel 440-473-1414.

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