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AMS Automotive is a supplier of brake products such as clutches, lift supports and brakes for industry and commercial vehicles in North America. The company was founded by Ron Jackson in 1987. The products are distributed under many brand names including RhinoPac, New Generation and World Car.

AMS Automotive offers medium and heavy duty clutches that feature a variety of designs including Angle Ring, Angle Spring and EZ-Pedal. The EZ Pedal design offers lots of many features. For example, the 6 position adjustment mechanism allows you to make easy adjustment without having to disassemble or use any type of special tool. The Strap Driven Pressure Plate ensure that there is no noise or vibration. AMS clutches are made from high quality friction materials that can slow down the wear and tear. In addition, the EZ design features 3 assist springs that can decrease the pedaling effort by half.

AMS flywheels is mounted onto the clutch assembly and also work as a heat sink. AMS flywheels offers benefits such as no longer need to use a thick clutch brake, improve clutch’s capacity and cut down machine shop costs. AMS Automotive also offer accessories such as alignment tools, bell housing inspection cover kits and clutch brakes.

AMS Automotive offers 3 types of clutch kits including Standard Duty Kits, SE Kits, SR Kits. Standard Kits offers reliable performance through the all new components such as pressure plate assembly, pilot bearing and alignment tool. SE Kits contains all the 5 components you need and it is designed to also match with the OEM and OES specs. SE Kits offers optimal performance with smooth and quiet operation. SR Kits features more powerful coil springs and gauge components for carrying out heavy duty activities including towing, and removing snow. All the clutch kits have been tested to meet the minimum performance standards for the specific vehicle.

To protect against damage, AMS Automotive uses the latest biostable technology when packaging the AMS clutch kits. The packaging features SleevePac design which has a layer of UV coating to increase its durability and prevent the package from being exposed to external impacts such as dirt.

AMS Automotive provides 100% coverage for both domestic and import applications used in cars and trucks. The new AMS Automotive Complete Clutch System is covered with limited lifetime warranty. The warranty covers for any defect that occurred in the system as well as the workmanship, starting from the time of purchase and installation of the clutch system. Products installed on a commercial vehicle will be backed by a 90 days warranty coverage. If you purchase the individual parts instead of the complete clutch system, there will be different warranty terms applied. For example, the clutch kits, flywheels, and hydraulics will be covered with a 24 months/12,000 miles warranty. The class 4, 5, and 6 clutch kits are covered with 12 months warranty without any limit on the mileage. On the other hand, the class 7, and 8 clutch kits are covered with 24 months.

The main headquarter office of AMS Automotive is located at 415A Axminister Dr.
Fenton, MO 63026 USA Tel 1-800-528-6743.

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