AIMCO is a manufacturer of various types of brake parts used for repairing brake systems. AIMCO offers a variety of brake parts including hub and rotor, brake disc, and brake cables and brake hoses. Their ceramic brake pads is made from the best friction material so it is very durable. Besides offering friction products, AIMCO also supply other types of brake parts that you need for completing your brake repairs. All AIMCO brake parts meet the standard requirements of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety. It is made from extremely durable material so it is recommended for people who are having problem with worn out brake parts. Every single AIMCO auto parts will be inspected and tested prior to being delivered to the customers.

The hub and rotor are the flagship products of AIMCO. AIMCO offers two types of rotor and hubs including extreme drums and rotors and premium hubs and rotors. Extreme hubs and rotors are ventilated and suitable to be used in vehicles that brake many times in a short period for example taxi cabs, and ambulance. The Extreme hubs and rotors are also suitable to be used in commercial, construction and high performance vehicles. AIMCO premium drums and rotors ensures that you have a smooth braking every time you attempt to brake the vehicle. AIMCO drum brake is created to match the specs of your original drum brake. The drums and rotors are customized to meet the original equipment measurements.

The hub and rotor models feature wheel studs as well as bearing races that have been heat treated. Heat is one of the reason why your hub and rotor can become worn out quickly. Every time you apply the brake, the hub and rotor will experience a higher temperature from the friction. AIMCO rotor is made from a unique alloy that is durable under hot temperature. It is resistant against cracks and deformation regardless of how hard you hit the brake. AIMCO hub and rotor will increase your fuel economy and remove all the negative effects that are caused by the heat.

AIMCO wheel hub can endure all kinds of tough terrains in off road environment. With AIMCO wheel hub, you can expect to see a significant improvement in your fuel economy. The steel alloy wheel hub is heat treated and can work efficiently even when you are carrying heavy objects. The heat treated wheel studs can endure wear and tear even if you use every day. It can be easily installed on your vehicle in just a few minutes without the use of any type of equipment. You can install it yourself without having to get help from the car repair shop.

You can purchase the AIMCO brake parts at your local car repair shop or online auto parts store. You can check with the store about the warranty information for the AIMCO brake parts. Usually, the AIMCO brake part will be covered with at least 1 year warranty. AIMCO’s main branch office is located at 4400 Prime Parkway McHenry, IL 60050 Tel: +1-800-407-9263

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