Bishko is an online book store that specializes in selling automobile literature. Owners of second hand vehicles who will find these manuals useful if they have problem in installing the replacement parts. Both original and reproduction versions of the manuals are available.

Bishko has a large 100,000 sq. ft. warehouse where they store and deliver the books to the customers. The books are scanned and printed in-house with high quality printing machines and inks. They have an efficient binding system in place to make sure the books are professionally bounded. To find a manual/publication, you simply use the search tool on the left side of the site. The quick search tool allows you to find a book by several criteria including year, make, and category. You can also browse the book by category via the navigation menu on top.

Bishko has a large collection of Ford and GM assembly manuals, The majority of the GM manuals are for Chevrolets with some of the manuals on Oldsmobiles, Pontiacs, and Buicks. Ford assembly manuals are mainly printed for Mustangs and Ford. The assembly manuals include many diagrams that show how the different parts of the automobile are being fitted together. They were reproduced from the original assembly plant pages after removing the marks. The assembly manual include some part numbers but if you want to complete part numbers, you need to reference a parts book.

Bishko offers owners manuals for cars, four wheel drives. and trucks. The owners manual contain information on the different parts of the car including lighting, wheel, instruments, and maintenance.

Paint chips are small chips that show the available colors for a model in a specific year. Paint chip is useful if you want to restore your vehicle’s color and you are not sure what color it is since it has worn off. The paint chips are mounted on top of a heavy paper.

Bishko offers parts books for almost all make/model of car that was manufactured in 1910 until today. The parts book has a detailed diagram that let you see how the parts are fitted together. In the parts book, you will find the part number, part name and a short description for each part. When you have the correct part number, you will be able to buy the part and fix your car.

Bishko also offers a large variety of sales literature including brochures, posters, and post cards. These sales literature are printed to promote a new model of car they launched. The sales brochures can be collected for fun. Owners who are interested in restoring their cars can also get the sales literature.

You can also browse the automobile literature by models, There are automobile literature on many North American models such as AMC, Dodge, Chrysler, Ford, and Pontiac. Every day, Bishko is adding new books into their online catalog. Bisko’s headquarter is situated at 445 S. College Street Piqua, Ohio 45356 Tel 1-800-544-3312.

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