Bendix is an OEM supplier of air brake system and all its components for trucks and buses in North America. Bendix is originally founded as Westinghouse Air Brake Company in Wilmerding, Pa. The first Westinghouse air brake system was invented in 1924. Bendix is based in Elyria, Ohio but it also has manufacturing plants in other places. Two of the manufacturing plants are located in USA while the other is located in Mexico.

Bendix ABS system features the ESP system which provides information that can help to reduce the roll over when traveling on slippery surfaces. It forecasts information on the road conditions ahead so that you know how to cope. The data can also be used for training the driver.

Bendix Eversure spring brake is an ideal replacement for your worn down sprint brakes. It prevents coil clash from happening and enables the protective coating to last longer.

Bendix air disc brake can offer a smoother braking feel. It does not require a lot of maintenance and can reduce the service time significantly. The lifespan of the lining will be increased by twice while the lifespan of the rotor will increase by 4 times.

Bendix air treatment can efficiently prevent all kinds of contaminants from entering into the air brake system. It ensures that there is always a flow of clean and dry air supplied to the reservoir at all time.

Bendix AutoVue Lane Departure Warning System will let you know if your vehicle has drift passed the lane marking by releasing a warning. It can work in most of the weather conditions when it is difficult to see the road ahead.

Bendix eTrac is designed especially for 6×2 tractors and trucks. When you turn on the etrac system, it will automatically get your vehicle away from the part of the road that is slippery. It will automatically activate the air bag transfer when it exceed more than 25 mph. The semi automatic mode, also known as the ATC mud/snow switch, will immediately start the air bag pressure transfer. It will automatically switch off when it exceed more than 10 mph.

Bendix remanufactured brake shoes are matched with the specs of the OEM version It is covered with a layer of protex coatings to get rid of the rust. It offers 3 levels of friction including basic, advanced and OE friction.

Bendix formula blue hydraulic brake parts comes with all the necessary hardware including brake calipers, rotors, brake pads, and shoes. It carries an inventory of more than 7,700 hydraulic brake parts. It is suitable for a variety of light and medium duty vehicles, starting from the 2010 model year up until today.

If you want to claim a warranty, you will have to fill in the warranty claim form which can be downloaded from the Bendix site. There are two types of warranty claim forms including dealer and distributor claim form. You have to be quick in filling the form because it will be time out in 20 minutes. Some of the information you must provide are primary complaint, returning part number, mileage, date in service and date removed. You are to print 4 copies of the warranty form. Two copies of the warranty forms should be attached along with the returned part while the third copy is used for the packing list. The last copy is to be kept for your own records. You will be able to check the warranty status by using the online warranty claim search.

Bendix’s headquarter is located at 901 Cleveland Street Elyria, Ohio 44035 Tel 1-440-329-9000.

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