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Automotive Replacement Carpets (ARC) is an automotive flooring product manufacturer founded by Jack Holland in October 1977. The founder, Jack Holland, has several years of experiences in the auto trim industry before starting the company. He used to purchase carpets from OEM suppliers in the early days but he begun manufacturing his own carpet after acquiring Academy Carpets, Inc. in Dalton in April 1984.

Two years later, he bought a new plant which was used to be owned by Automotive Division of E.T. Barwick Mills. This is the main plant that supply carpet floorings for General Motors and Chrysler Corporation. It was at this plant that they manufactured the first molded carpets. The company was acquired by a management group in 1995 and later the company acquired Auto Carpets Systems (ACS) in September 2007. Today, Auto Custom Carpets employs more than 150 workers in 2 states. Their corporate office and 3 production facilities are located in Anniston. The fourth production facility is situated in Lafayette, GA.

The two main types of products ARC offers are floor mats and trunk mats. The floor mat is available as a molded or cut and sewn carpet. The molded carpet is typically found in vehicles from the 1960s to today while the cut and sewn carpet is found in vehicles prior to 1960. The floor mat is molded according to the floor pan and features the same padding, and heel pad as the OEM. The floor mat can be customized with kick panels, door panels, and mass backing. There are two mass backing options including standard backing and mass backing. Mass backing is made from 45 millimeter thick EVA material and works great as a sound and heat barrier. It is suitable to be used as an add-on option for molded carpet and will look nice in your car.

You can customize the carpet with standard materials such as cutpile, loop, nylon, truvette, daytona, tuxedo, and gros point. The standard material is great as a replacement for the OEM materials. There are over 230 color options you can use to customize the carpet. Besides the standard materials, you can also customize the carpet with optional materials such as Essex, and Vinyl. Essex is an ultra plush carpet that will give your car a luxury appearance. Vinyl is a heavy duty carpet suitable for trucks, and taxi cabs. ARC provides more than forty thousand options for vehicle flooring applications for vehicles from 1940s to today’s models. The carpet flooring retains its original color and customers have the option to personalize it with even better specs than the OEM specs. You can purchase the custom automotive mats from ACC authorized dealers’ websites.

All ACC products are covered with a warranty for defects and workmanship for 1 year except normal wear and tear. They can offer replacement for defective carpet but they don’t provide warranty for those that have been damaged during shipping. You will pay for all the return shipping cost and a 20% restock fee if you want to return the item.

Besides, ACC mats also provide custom die cut or molded trunk mats with six different materials to choose from. There are more than 40 patterns of trunk mats and 6 materials options to match the OEM material style. The majority of the custom replacement carpets are shipped within 1 – 2 days. Automotive Replacement Carpets has a headquarter office located at 1429 Noble Street Anniston, AL 36202 Tel: (800) 352-8216.

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