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Akebono Brakes is a company that specialized in manufacturing brake parts for automobiles, motorcycles, and industrial machinery. Akebono Brakes is a leading OEM friction pad supplier around the world. The company was founded on the 27th January 1929, when the car industry is still small in Japan and only produced 400 vehicles. Their innovative and high quality brake products enable them to enter into the domestic and overseas markets as a leading manufacturer of brake parts.

Akebono brake pads are manufactured to meet the requirements of the original equipment standards. The brake pads are designed to remove all kinds of noises including vibrations when you apply the brake. It is made from vehicle optimized ceramic formula to prevent the brake from becoming easily get worn out in normal use. To reduce the wear and tear, Akebono brake pads involve longer time in between the brake jobs. Akebono brake pads will improve your rotor’s lifespan and give you superior brake performance.

It will only cause minimal dusting so your wheels are kept clean all the time. It is compatible with vehicles that use aluminum and open wheel designs. It features enhanced initial effectiveness which means that it is not necessary to perform break in. All the brake pads are USA made so you can rest be assured that the quality you get is top notch. They are eco-friendly and meet the low copper requirement according to the laws of California and Washington.

Akebono Brakes offers 3 types of brakepads including Proact, Euro and Performance. Akebono Euro brake pad has been used as OEM parts for many major branded vehicles including Audi, BMW, Fiat and Jaguar. Akebono Performance Ultra Premium ceramic brake pad offers maximum friction for high performance vehicles, SUV and trucks. There are over 400 pads designed for cars and trucks in Japan, Europe and USA.

Akebono provides limited warranty for its brake products but the warranty can be voiced if you install it incorrectly or use in a way that Akebono does not recommend. The warranty applies within 90 days of shipment from the warehouse or 30 days from the date of installation. You have to present the receipt for proof of purchase and provide information such as purchase date, and purchase price when filing a warranty claim. If they find that the product is really defective after inspection, they will offer a free replacement product.

At the official site, you can find a list of online retailers that are authorized distributor of Akebono brakes. You can also buy Akebono brake parts from your local auto accessories shop. You should find out the warranty and shipping information from the store where you purchase the brake products.

Akebono Brakes maintains several headquarters in Hanyu, Saitama and Nihonbashi. They have manufacturing facilities in Japan, USA, China, and France. The two manufacturing facilities in Japan are located at Kasukabe and Fukushima. Akebono produce many types of brake parts including disc brakes, drum brakes, friction materials, and sensors. The USA headquarter of Akebono Brakes is located at 34385 West Twelve Mile Road Farmington Hills, MI 48331 Tel 248-489-7400.

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