Airtex Fuel Delivery Systems



Airtex is a leading manufacturer of both OE and aftermarket parts for the automotive market in the USA. It operates as one of the business units in the UCI-Fram group of companies. Airtex was established in 1935 and has been offering high quality fuel delivery systems for the past 80 years. Airtex fuel delivery system matches or exceed the minimum standards of the OE (Original Equipment) design. They maintain a high quality fuel delivery system by constantly making improvements from time to time. Airtex fuel pumps are used by more than 200 millions vehicles in the USA today. They are also being used by many major brand names cars around the world.

Airtex is the OEM supplier for Humvee and UAV drones in the USA. Their fuel delivery system is expected to deliver a precision tolerance of up to 0.00001. Airtex fuel pump features a check valve and isotropic super finishing that aims to reduce the noise and maintain a quiet operation. The gradient density strainer helps to improve the resistant against contaminations. All parts come with a manual that has detailed installation instruction. There are also how to videos on the site that teach you how to install each part.

Every fuel delivery system it manufactured has to undergo a test and meet the strict testing specs before they will ship it out to the customers. It undergoes 3 stages of testing including pre-production testing, production testing and end of line testing. Some of the testing that it undergoes are vacuum, electrical, sender, and leak testing. The fact that all fuel delivery systems have to undergo rigorous testing means that product will surely offer superior performance and work according to your expectation.

Airtex fuel pump offers an affordable way for you to improve your vehicle. Airtex fuel pump is easy to install and you can install it yourself in just a few hours. You are getting the best quality air pumps as they are all made in the USA. It offers over 1,800 SKUs for the category of fuel delivery systems. Many cars, and commercial vehicles use its fuel delivery systems. Besides manufacturing the fuel pumps, they also offer a wide selection of tank seals, wiring harnesses and fuel pump filter.

The precision wound armature and mated commutator are optimized to provide reliable performance and high lifespan. Every single Airtex products is 100% backed by the manufacturer. All Airtex fuel delivery systems that are manufactured in the past 5 – 7 years are covered with a lifetime warranty.

Airtex has 3 manufacturing facilities, with each facility being equipped with departments for design engineering, R&D and test facilities. The test facility ensures that the fuel delivery system meets the international standards and eco-friendly standards. All the fuel delivery systems produced by Airtex is ISO/TS 16949 certified. The main distribution facility is located in California. There are also distribution facilities in other countries such as China, Spain, and Mexico. Airtex Fuel Delivery Systems maintains a headquarter office at 407 West Main Street Fairfield, IL 62837 Tel 618-842-2111

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