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Tires Plus is a car tires service centers based in Clearwater, Florida. It was originally founded by two colleagues including Tom Gegax and Don Gullet in 1976. Tires Plus started with 3 old shell stations in Burnsville, Minnesota and now maintains a chain of 500 stores in 23 states. The company is growing very fast and has more than 5,000 employees. Tire Plus carries a wide selection of branded tires including Affinity, Yokohama, Bridgestone, Ecopia, Firestone, Primewell, and Turanza. They offer many types of specialty branded tires for special driving conditions.

Bridgestone Driveguard is enhanced with a reinforced sidewall that can endures punctures. It can travel up to 50 miles at a maximum speed of 50 mph even if the tire is punctured. Bridgestone RFT tires can prevent you from getting stranded in the road because it can operate in deflated condition for more than 50 miles. Blizzak specialty tires are created with the latest winter tire technology that make them suitable for winter conditions. Destination tires are all terrain tires that can give you a comfortable and quiet drive during a vacation. Ecopia tires have a lower level of rolling resistance to help you improve the fuel efficiency. Champion Fuel Fighter all season tires are covered with up to 70,000 miles warranty. The Champion Fuel Fighter is designed with a high quality tread compound that can significantly reduce carbon footprint.

Firestone Firehawk tires are great for driving on road with wet surfaces for example in the winter. Firestone Firehawk is covered with up to 50,000 miles warranty. Firehawk Indy 500 is a sports performance tire that can excellent road gripping capability during the hot weather and rainy day. Turanza Serenity Plus tires are designed with proprietary technology for smoother drive on the road.

Tires Plus offers a variety of automobile repair services including brake, alignment, engine, brake, heating, pothole and tire services. They can offer free diagnostic check on your car battery and let you know the temperature level of the battery. Tires Plus is equipped with technicians that are ASE certified and they abide by the guidelines in the Motorist Assurance Program (MAP). They offer on time guarantee so that you will have back your car in working condition within the agreed timeframe. If you don’t receive your car on time, you will get 10% off in your next order with Tires Plus. Tires Plus offers maintenance and repair services for businesses that own a fleet of vehicles.

Tires Plus offers limited warranty for tires that are purchased after the 1st June 2011. The tire warranty is valid if the size and speed of the tire is the same as recommended by the manufacturer. The tire must be used only on the vehicle since the installation date. The limited tire warranty also offers coverage for vehicles that are not used for commercial purposes.

The basic limited warranty is available to tires for number of brands including Primewell and Need Brand. The basic limited warranty typically offers 5 years warranty but the Primewell brand is covered with 3 years warranty. To be eligible, the tire must not be worn out for more than 1.6mm. Tires Plus maintains a headquarter at 2021 Sunnydale Blvd, Clearwater, FL 33765-1202 Tel 800–440–4167.

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