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Midas, Inc. is a chain of service centers that offers automobile servicing services such as maintenance, tires, suspension and brake. It was originally founded as Midas Muffler by Nate H. Sherman on the 20th April 1956 in Macon, Georgia. Midas stands for Muffler Installation Dealers’ Associated Service. It has a chain of over 2,000 service centers with most of them located in the USA and Canada. The rest are located in 17 different countries. Midas also own auto part stores in 13 countries. Midas is the owner of the company called SpeeDee Oil & Auto Service who runs a chain of over 150 auto servicing centers. TBC Corporation acquired it in Midas in 2012.
Midas offers brake services for all kinds of brake problems such as ABS brake problem, noises when you braking, unresponsive brake pedal, and red brake dashboard light. Midas technicians are ASE certified and they can run a 55 point inspection on your brake system to let you know which component requires attention and the repair options.
Midas offers affordable oil change services for your car engine and oil filter. For the oil change, Midas offers multi grade oils such as 5W-30 and 5W-20 oils. When you go for the Midas oil change, you will also get a free complimentary Midas Touch Courtesy Check on the brake, power steering and automatic transmission fluids. The Midas Touch Courtesy Check also includes inspection on the engine, air filter, and coolant.
Midas provides tire alignment, rotating and inflation services for cars and trucks. The technician at the Midas service center will attempt to perform an inspection on your vehicle’s tires and balance it as recommended in the schedule of the manufacturer. Regularly rotating your car tires can increase the lifespan. Besides, you should always get your tires inflated as the tires lose at least 1 psi every month. Drop in temperature can also cause the tire to lose 1 psi. The downside of low tire pressure is that it will decrease your fuel mileage and cause damages to the tire. They can offer you the correct size of tire for our car depending on your driving habit.
Midas offers muffler and exhaust servicing that meets the minimum standards of the EPA and CARB standards. Midas technicians are well trained in all kinds of muffler repair work for example repairing muffler, and O2 sensors replacement.
You can go to the Midas service center to check the engine light of the on-board computer diagnostic system (OBD II) on your commercial vehicles. The technicians are able to decipher the different codes of the engine light and recommend you the steps for fixing the issue.
Midas service center has qualified technicians to replace the belts such as timing belts, and serpentine belts and the coolant hoses of your car radiators. Their technicians can perform an inspection on the windshield and help you to fill the washer fluid for the windshield. They can repair all kinds of lighting fixtures of your vehicles such as signals, headlights, tail lights, lamps in the car interior, and brake lights.
All automobile services provided by Midas are covered with the limited guarantee. Midas’ headquarter is situated at 823 Donald Ross Road Juno Beach, FL 33408 Tel: (800) 621-8545.

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