Anco Wipers



Anco is a leading brand name of aerodynamic car wipers that first come to people’s mind when they think about wipers. Federal Mogul acquired it in 1998 because they are looking for ways to diversify their range of automotive products. Anco offers a comprehensive range of streak free wipers to suit different types of vehicles and weather conditions. Anco washer pump can provide a continuous supply of water without requiring you to perform any sort of maintenance.

Most of the wipers feature the KwickConnect Installation System for easy installation. The length of the wipers range from 14 – 29 inches. Anco wipers are suitable for vehicles that use hybrid technology as well as vehicles that use the J hook design. Anco Contour Blade is a wiper designed for windshield that have curved design. It is able to offer for a smoother and quieter wipe because there are lesser moving parts. Anco Contour features the Articulated Contact Technology to enable more uniform pressure distribution. Anco Profile is a low profile aerodynamic wiper equipped with a spoiler for better contact in between blade to windshield.

Anco Aerovantage is a premium wiper that can clear your windshield from anything no matter how fast you are traveling. Anco 31-Series wipers are designed to matched with the old OEM wipers on your vehicles. Anco Aerovantage and Anco 31-Series are available in a length of in between 10”-28”. Anco rear blade is a rear wiper suitable to be used as a replacement for your OEM rear wiper blade. Anco rear blade is available in 4 types of arm connectors.

Anco Winter blade is made from a specialty blade that will help you maintain a safe visibility when you are driving during the winter. There are two versions including OE and UB versions. The OE version features the beam technology while the UB version features KwickConnect Installation. Anco Winter is made from an extra thick rubber that ensures that consistently provide a streak free wipe when the temperature is very cold during the winter. There is a rugged rubber cover to protect it from freezing joins. This model is available in a length of in between 11 – 24 inches.

Anco Winter Extreme uses advanced technology to provide optimal visibility for you even when your windscreen is being covered with snow and ice. It features the Arctic Armor hydrophobic shield to prevent the accumulation of the ice on the wiper blade. Anco Wiper is protected with metal reinforced end caps to prevent ice scraper damage. Anco Winter Extreme features the Geo Core honeycomb design for protection against the road debris.

All Anco wipers are protected with at least 1 year of limited warranty. They warrant that their products are new, safe and free from defects. You can purchase Anco branded wipers from the local and online automotive parts stores.

Anco Wipers now operates as a division of the Federal Mogul Corporation so its headquarter is located in 27300 West 11 Mile Road Southfield, Michigan 48034 Tel +1 248-354-7700.​




Anchor Industries is a leading manufacturer that specialized in engine and transmission products founded in 1933. The four main products that Anchor Industries offers are engine mount, transmission mount, suspension strut mounts, and center support bearing. Anchor parts are used in both domestic and import formula.

They maintain a full electronic catalog of the products they carry in their inventory. There are more than 5,000 parts available in the online catalog and they constantly add new products to meet the increasing demands of the automotive industry. All parts by Anchor Industries are made from premium materials so that they can have maximum lifespan. The quality of the Anchor parts are matched with the OEM standards.

Anchor engine and transmission mounts aim to provide supports for the engine located on the chassis. They are designed in a way that will reduce noise and vibration on the vehicles Both the engine and transmission mounts are made from both natural and Styrene Butadiene rubber to offer stronger resistance against the abrasion. The fasteners used on the engine mounts are made with hardened steel that has been treated with heat. To make sure the rubber and bond are bonded properly, they use a chemlock branded bonding agent. The rubber material is designed with specific Durometer according to the requirements of the vehicles. The hydraulic mounting is designed to suit both front wheel and transverse drive train.

Anchor Center Support Bearings is used as a junction when the drive shaft has been divided into two different sections. The center support bearings help to reduce the stress put on the drive line components. The rubber cushion absorb the impact from overloading and also reduce the vibration. Heavy gauge steel is used in making the housing frame so that it can have longer lifespan. It also come with a sealed bearing and dust shield that you can easily install.

Anchor Suspension Strut Mounts functions as a mount on top of the suspension strut assembly to help reduce the noises. Another function is that it helps to maintain proper alignment and enables the steering to have better response. The rubber used in the Anchor Suspension Strut Mount is heat bonded and joined to the metal. The high quality rubber ensures that the steering has good response. The steel of the suspension strut mount features 2 layers of coatings including e-coating and zinc plating. The purpose of the coating is to slow down the oxidation process and increase its resistance against rust.

Besides carrying its own branded product, Anchor Industries also distribute other American brand name products. They offer services such as private labeling, barcode labeling, and bulk packaging. They also offer drop ship products for sellers at an affordable pricing.

Anchor engine and transmission parts are covered with up to 12 months of warranty coverage. You should request the warranty coverage from the customer support of the store where you purchase the anchor parts.

Anchor Industries maintains a headquarter office at 30775 Solon Industrial Parkway, Cleveland Ohio 44139 Tel 440-473-1414.

AMS Automotive



AMS Automotive is a supplier of brake products such as clutches, lift supports and brakes for industry and commercial vehicles in North America. The company was founded by Ron Jackson in 1987. The products are distributed under many brand names including RhinoPac, New Generation and World Car.

AMS Automotive offers medium and heavy duty clutches that feature a variety of designs including Angle Ring, Angle Spring and EZ-Pedal. The EZ Pedal design offers lots of many features. For example, the 6 position adjustment mechanism allows you to make easy adjustment without having to disassemble or use any type of special tool. The Strap Driven Pressure Plate ensure that there is no noise or vibration. AMS clutches are made from high quality friction materials that can slow down the wear and tear. In addition, the EZ design features 3 assist springs that can decrease the pedaling effort by half.

AMS flywheels is mounted onto the clutch assembly and also work as a heat sink. AMS flywheels offers benefits such as no longer need to use a thick clutch brake, improve clutch’s capacity and cut down machine shop costs. AMS Automotive also offer accessories such as alignment tools, bell housing inspection cover kits and clutch brakes.

AMS Automotive offers 3 types of clutch kits including Standard Duty Kits, SE Kits, SR Kits. Standard Kits offers reliable performance through the all new components such as pressure plate assembly, pilot bearing and alignment tool. SE Kits contains all the 5 components you need and it is designed to also match with the OEM and OES specs. SE Kits offers optimal performance with smooth and quiet operation. SR Kits features more powerful coil springs and gauge components for carrying out heavy duty activities including towing, and removing snow. All the clutch kits have been tested to meet the minimum performance standards for the specific vehicle.

To protect against damage, AMS Automotive uses the latest biostable technology when packaging the AMS clutch kits. The packaging features SleevePac design which has a layer of UV coating to increase its durability and prevent the package from being exposed to external impacts such as dirt.

AMS Automotive provides 100% coverage for both domestic and import applications used in cars and trucks. The new AMS Automotive Complete Clutch System is covered with limited lifetime warranty. The warranty covers for any defect that occurred in the system as well as the workmanship, starting from the time of purchase and installation of the clutch system. Products installed on a commercial vehicle will be backed by a 90 days warranty coverage. If you purchase the individual parts instead of the complete clutch system, there will be different warranty terms applied. For example, the clutch kits, flywheels, and hydraulics will be covered with a 24 months/12,000 miles warranty. The class 4, 5, and 6 clutch kits are covered with 12 months warranty without any limit on the mileage. On the other hand, the class 7, and 8 clutch kits are covered with 24 months.

The main headquarter office of AMS Automotive is located at 415A Axminister Dr.
Fenton, MO 63026 USA Tel 1-800-528-6743.

Alliance Torque Converter



Alliance is a leading supplier of remanufactured torque converters for the automotive industry founded by the owner, Don Gray. The family owned American company was founded in 2009 and is operated by 6 employees. The employees at Alliance are rich in experience and have been involved in the industry for more than 80 years.

Alliance Toque Converters is specialized in hand built torque converter for domestic as well as international customers. Every single torque converter is remanufactured based on the specs of the OEM version. They offer a full line of R & R service with many different types of high performance units available.

Alliance Torque Converters use high quality steel during the construction process for high durability. New parts are used in the installation process including new hub, and seals. They will add an extra layer of grease to the torque to prevent it from easily becoming rusty. Besides, they will also paint a layer of premium paint on the exterior to restore the new look. The converters they rebuilt are direct fit so you should be able to get it installed on your vehicle easily.

Alliance is able to custom build a torque converters according to the requirements you specified. When rebuilding, they will completely disassembled all the parts in order to perform a complete thorough inspection. They will also clean off the dirt that have accumulated in the disassembled parts.

Before shipping back to the customer, they will carry out several tests to make sure it is functioning properly. For example, they will perform leak test and dimensional checks. Bulk pricing is available if you have several torque converters you need them to rebuild. Some of the equipments that are used by the technicians when rebuilding your torque converter are grit blast cabinet, transfer cases, and balancing equipment.

If you need a converter rebuilt, you simply contact their customer support and send it over to them. They guarantee that they will rebuild it and ship back to you in 2 days. Their workshop is open for 5 days a week, from 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday to Friday. All torque converters are backed with a 3 years limited warranty coverage from defect in material used in the rebuilding process as well as the workmanship. You can contact the customer support if you want to claim the warranty. Since they are the manufacturer, they are able to direct ship the orders to their customers. You can also buy Alliance’s torque converters from the other local and online authorized dealer stores.

Alliance Torque Converter recently relocated to a new 6,000 square foot warehouse at Dayton in Trotwood, Ohio. They sold their old warehouse at 5915 Wolf Creek Pike before moving to Trotwood. They also used to operate out of a leased warehouse that is 12,000 square foot on Hopeland Street. The reason why they relocate is because they want to accommodate the increasing demands of the customers. The workshop of Alliance Torque Converter is situated at 5915 Wolf Creek Pike Trotwood, OH 4526 Tel [937] 715-9215.


Automotive Replacement Carpets



Automotive Replacement Carpets (ARC) is an automotive flooring product manufacturer founded by Jack Holland in October 1977. The founder, Jack Holland, has several years of experiences in the auto trim industry before starting the company. He used to purchase carpets from OEM suppliers in the early days but he begun manufacturing his own carpet after acquiring Academy Carpets, Inc. in Dalton in April 1984.

Two years later, he bought a new plant which was used to be owned by Automotive Division of E.T. Barwick Mills. This is the main plant that supply carpet floorings for General Motors and Chrysler Corporation. It was at this plant that they manufactured the first molded carpets. The company was acquired by a management group in 1995 and later the company acquired Auto Carpets Systems (ACS) in September 2007. Today, Auto Custom Carpets employs more than 150 workers in 2 states. Their corporate office and 3 production facilities are located in Anniston. The fourth production facility is situated in Lafayette, GA.

The two main types of products ARC offers are floor mats and trunk mats. The floor mat is available as a molded or cut and sewn carpet. The molded carpet is typically found in vehicles from the 1960s to today while the cut and sewn carpet is found in vehicles prior to 1960. The floor mat is molded according to the floor pan and features the same padding, and heel pad as the OEM. The floor mat can be customized with kick panels, door panels, and mass backing. There are two mass backing options including standard backing and mass backing. Mass backing is made from 45 millimeter thick EVA material and works great as a sound and heat barrier. It is suitable to be used as an add-on option for molded carpet and will look nice in your car.

You can customize the carpet with standard materials such as cutpile, loop, nylon, truvette, daytona, tuxedo, and gros point. The standard material is great as a replacement for the OEM materials. There are over 230 color options you can use to customize the carpet. Besides the standard materials, you can also customize the carpet with optional materials such as Essex, and Vinyl. Essex is an ultra plush carpet that will give your car a luxury appearance. Vinyl is a heavy duty carpet suitable for trucks, and taxi cabs. ARC provides more than forty thousand options for vehicle flooring applications for vehicles from 1940s to today’s models. The carpet flooring retains its original color and customers have the option to personalize it with even better specs than the OEM specs. You can purchase the custom automotive mats from ACC authorized dealers’ websites.

All ACC products are covered with a warranty for defects and workmanship for 1 year except normal wear and tear. They can offer replacement for defective carpet but they don’t provide warranty for those that have been damaged during shipping. You will pay for all the return shipping cost and a 20% restock fee if you want to return the item.

Besides, ACC mats also provide custom die cut or molded trunk mats with six different materials to choose from. There are more than 40 patterns of trunk mats and 6 materials options to match the OEM material style. The majority of the custom replacement carpets are shipped within 1 – 2 days. Automotive Replacement Carpets has a headquarter office located at 1429 Noble Street Anniston, AL 36202 Tel: (800) 352-8216.

Atlantic Automotive Engineering



Atlantic Automotive Engineering, previously known as Atlantic Automotive Enterprises, LLC, is a leading North Carolina based power steering system manufacturer that was founded in 1987. AAE operates as a subsidiary of a corporation called CRP Industries Inc. They have five warehouses with the main warehouse located in North Carolina.

The headquarter office is a complex that covers an area of 125,000 square feet. The headquarter complex has many functions including R&D, manufacturing and distribution center. They are located in a strategic area that gives them easy access to the two important transportation channels including Ports of Charleston and Wilmington. The strategic positioning of the manufacturing plant enables them to handle the rapid business growth in the near future. Besides the North Carolina distribution center, Atlantic Automotive Engineering also has another two distribution centers including Dallas in Texas and New York City in New York.

More than 28 years ago, AAE entered into the industry as a Jaguar import rack. Today, it is a reputable automotive manufacturer that specializes in steering rack and pinions production with the average production volume being 1 – 10,000 every month. Besides power steering system, AAE also produce other types of automotive products including gear boxes, rebuild components, electric racks, electric pumps, steering columns, and power steering pumps.

Atlantic Automotive Engineering (AAE) offers both new and re-manufactured automotive components. Every single unit of the re-manufactured automotive component has been inspected to make sure it is reconditioned to the original specs so that it look as new. The steering racks and power steering pumps are available for all vehicle brands including BMW, Volvo, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Subaru, Ford, and Toyota. AAE is able to deliver high quality automotive components because it is involved in a partnership with the leading seal and o-ring manufacturers.

AAE Engineering offers warranty coverage for all the automotive components products. The rack & pinions and steering gear boxes are covered with a warranty of 24 months. The power steering pumps and steering columns are covered for a period of 12 months.

The sales occurred FOB at the point when the goods are shipped out. There are several shipping carriers to choose from during checkout. It is your responsibility to check the goods and make sure they are in good condition upon arrival. You have to file a claim to the carrier in in 10 days if there is any damage on the goods to claim the warranty. If you backorder a goods, you will receive a notification within 45 days of delivery.

AAE is also recognized for its repair and return service that guarantee to restore a malfunctioning classic car back into working condition while retaining the original parts. Many classic car owners and members of the Classic Car Club in America have entrusted their valuable classic cars into AAE. When your car arrive at AAE, the car technicians will first check to see what parts need repair or replacement. Next, they will order the part from a supplier and complete the repair within 24-48 hours of receiving the part. AAE is offering a special discount for repeat customers as well as the members of the Classic Car Club.

Atlantic Automotive Engineering also offer drop ship service for sellers who are looking for a reliable supplier that supply high quality automotive parts. Through the AAE drop ship program, the part will be sent directly to your customer from one of the nearest distribution centers. In order for your company to maintain a professional image, the orders will be labeled with the name of your company when they are being dispatched to the customers. Atlantic Automotive Engineering maintains a headquarter office at 1007-B Pireway Road, Tabor City, NC 28463 Tel: +1 910-377-4108.

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