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B&B Manufacturing Corp is a Puerto Rico based spark plug wire manufacturer established in 1985. It manufactures spark plugs that are compatible with many branded vehicles in Europe, Korea, and Japan. B&B Manufacturing Corp exports most of their spark plug wire sets to other countries such as North America, Caribbean, South America and Central America. It has gained many awards in the past such as Recognition for Entrepreneur Success, Exporter of the Year, and Excellence in Quality. All the wire sets are manufactured in the USA to ensure the highest quality and the best EMI/RFI noise suppression.

B& B offers a variety of ignition parts including B & B suppressor, Platinum Class Laser Mag, The Platinum Racing Wire and B& B Coil on Plug. The B & B suppression wire is made from a latex silicone to offers good electric conduction. The core of the wire is static free and covered with carbon to prevent it from getting burned. It is available in 3 different lengths including 5 mm, 7 mm and 8 mm. The 7mm suppression wire is used in European models. B&B provides a 36 months warranty for the suppressor wire sets.

Platinum class laser mag suppression wire is a high quality stainless steel wire that can be used as replacement for a suppressor. The wire is wound around the suppressor and it meets the OE specs. The Platinum class laser mag is available in a 7mm silicone copper wire used in European models. The Platinum class laser mag suppression wire is covered with up to 12 months of warranty.

OML platinum racing wire is one of the best conductors for use in race car and high performance car. The wire is wound tighter around the suppressor at about 25 ohms. There is a variety of resistance levels to choose from including 300, 40, and 25 ohms. They offer an extra thick version that measures about 10mm in length. They also offer an 8.5 mm wire with a resistance level of about 500 ohms per foot. They offer 3 colors for the exterior silicone jacket. It comes packaged in a carton box or it can also be packaged in a plastic clamp. They offer a 1 year warranty for the OML racing spark plug wire.

B&B coil on plug is a direct ignition that offers a high level of resistance against high temperature. It can enhance the engine’s combustion by producing the right voltage output and can help your vehicle to have better fuel economy.

You can browse the entire selection of B&B spark plug wire sets using the online catalog at the B&B Manufacturing site. You can browse the online catalog by several criteria including year, and make/model. They would also mail you a copy of their catalog if you send them a request by email or slow mail. Every month, B&B offers discounts and freebies which is listed on their site. You can buy B&B Manufacturing Corp.spark plug wires at many local and online stores.

The headquarter of B&B Manufacturing Corp. is located at PO Box 9574 San Juan, PR 00908 Tel (787) 798-3272.

Bando is a leading manufacturer of rubber automotive products founded in 1906 and based in Kobe, in Japan. It is ranked as the 3rd most popular automotive belt manufacturer in the world. Their primary product is the power transmission belt and conveyor belt. Bando’s automotive belt is suitable for both industrial and agricultural use. It offers a complete line of belt for light, and heavy duty trucks. The first power transmission belt that Bando invented is the cotton power transmission belt.

Bando has pioneered a large variety of power transmission products with more than a century of involvement in the industry. Bando is an award winning OEM supplier for a variety of brand name international vehicle manufacturers such as Toyota, Nissan and Honda. Bando belts are precision ground two times make sure that they comply with the OEM standard. Unlike other belts, Bando’s belts are not manufactured in a mold process. Belts that undergo a mold process are lower quality because they do not have the same rib profiles as the OEM product. EPDM rubber, which feature a high heat resistance and durability is used to produce Bando belt.

Bando serpentine belts are made with high quality tensile cords that is capable of carrying a high level of horsepower without any stretch. The ground rubber ribs are made with synthetic rubber with high strength so that it can resist against wear and tear. Bando serpentine belt is suitable to be used as a replacement for your OEM belt. The Bando belt you buy at the store is the same as the old belt that is installed in your vehicle.

Bando timing belt features precision molded teeth and meet the no slip drive requirement. The tensile cord in the Bando timing belt is optimized for carrying the maximum load. It features rubber backing to provide protection against abrasion oil and heat.

Bando V belt is designed for vehicles that are used frequently because it can withstand high mileage. It is reliable, affordable and resistant against oil and heat. It is available in various sizes for different makes/models of vehicles. Bando V belt can be used as OEM replacement for your car, bike and scooter.

All Bando’s belts are covered with one year warranty starting from the shipment date. The warranty involves repairing of the product or replacement of a similar product for completely free of charge. You must send back the defective Bando product back to the manufacturer and you will be responsible for paying the return shipping fee. To claim the warranty, make sure you don’t get it repaired or modified without getting permissions from Bando.

The main manufacturing plant is located in Bowling Green, Kentucky. They also have factories in fifteen countries around the world that are set up to produce OEM quality belt for the locals. Their manufacturing facilities have been certified with 3 ISO certifications including ISO-9001:2000, TS16949:2002 and ISO-14001. Bando’s headquarter is situated at 1149 West Bryn Mawr Itasca, IL 60143 Tel 630-773-6600.

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