AVS is a brand owned by Lund International which was founded in 1965. Lund International is responsible for several international automotive brand names including AVS, Lund and Belmor. AVS, also known as Auto Ventshade was founded in 1935 and the first product they debut is a vent shade mounted on top of the car windows. Today, AVS produces a variety of accessories for vehicles including side window vent, hood protection, door handles, mirror cover, headlight cover, and tail shade cover.

AVS Side Window Vent is designed to fit a large variety of vehicles. It allows optimal circulation of the air in the vehicle while preventing the rain from entering at the same time. The atmosphere in your vehicle will be cooler when you park your vehicle in the open space under a hot sun. There are 3 styles of AVS vent visors including high profile, low profile and in channel.

AVS hood shield will protect your hood and windshield against all kinds of dirt and debris. AVS hood shield is suitable to be fitted in cars, SUVs, and vans. There are several models of hood shields including Bugflector, Hoodflector, Carflector, and Aerokin. Bugflector is a medium profile hood shield with a traditional design. Bugflector II is a higher profile hood shield that features a full wrap design. Hoodflector is a lower profile wrap design style hood shield. Carflector is a lower profile hood shield that also has a wrap design style and can be used for car and SUV. Aerokin is another lower profile hood shield by AVS that features a flush mount and offers protection for contour style hood.

AVS offers several types of door handles including standard, tailgate and lever door handle covers. AVS chrome door handle cover adds an aesthetic look onto the chrome trim on the exterior of your vehicle. It is made with ABS that has been chrome plated and it meets the OEM standards. It is very easy to install the AVS chrome door handle because there is no need to perform any drilling. All you need is an automotive tape that is OEM approved. AVS door handle covers are available for both 2 doors and 4 doors vehicles.

AVS chrome mirror cover is made with an OEM standard chrome that will add a luxurious look to your vehicle. You can easily install the AVS outside mirror cover with a strong 3M automotive tape.

AVS chrome fuel door cover is plated with real chrome and will improve your car’s look tremendously. Just like the mirror cover, you can install it onto your car with the 3M automotive grade tape.

AVS headlights cover features an aerodynamic design and will protect your headlights from damages. It is available in two designs including smoke and impact modified acrylic. AVS tail shades offer a custom look that matches with the contour design on your car.

All AVS products are covered with a warranty coverage that last up to 3 years. The warranty is voided if you uninstall the products from your vehicle. The warranty is non transferable and AVS can repair or offer a full replacement if your claim is approved. The warranty will not cover if it gets damaged due to misuse, wrong installation or hazards that occur when you are driving on the road. You must call the customer support telephone line and ask how you can return the item. The return item will only be approved after you have obtain authorization from Lund International.

The main manufacturing facility and warehouse of Lund International are located in Buford GA. The facility covers an area of 219,000 sq. ft. while the warehouse covers an area of 193,000 sq. ft. The headquarter of Lund International is located at 4325 Hamilton Mill Road, Suite 400 Buford, GA 30518 Tel 1-800-241-7219.

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