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AutoSpecialty is a brand name of TRW Kelsey-Hayes Company that specializes in a variety of automotive brake parts including brake kit, caliper, and brake shoes. TRW/Kelsey-Hayes is a conglomerate of two leading automotive suppliers that export their products to countries around the world. TRW Automotive is a manufacturer of a wide range of automotive systems founded in 2002. Founded in 1927, Kelsey Hayes is originally a wire wheel company but it added brakes to its product line in 1929. AutoSpecialty’s brake parts use Power Stop brake technology. Power Stop is a company founded in 1995 that provides a wide range of braking solutions.

AutoSpecialty brake kit comes with the brake pad and rotor. AutoSpecialty brake pad is made from the Power Stop Evolution ceramic pad that uses a low dust formula to keep your wheel clean. The surface of the pad has been thermal scorched so that you can execute a rapid break in. The premium rubber shims offers a smooth brake and get rid of the noises when you brake. The braking plate has been coated with powder for protection against rust and corrosion. It features the same chamfered and slotted design as in the OE version. The 1 click OE AutoSpecialty brake kit can help you to save money when you buy 2 or 4 brake rotors.

AutoSpecialty caliper is coated with a layer of electrostatic power that is high heat resistance. The high heat powder coating provides resistance against corrosion and makes it easier for you to clean the caliper. Every caliper is pressure tested and inspected thoroughly to ensure optimal performance. Only brand new components are used for example, they use new bleeder screws. The EPDM rubber is able to withstand high temperature so that it can last for a longer time. They lubricate the caliper with a layer of premium silicone lubrication for smoother operation.

AutoSpecialty brake shoe is a semi metallic asbestos free and copper free brake shoe that aims to give you a faster brake-in time. It is made from a completely new steel with a layer of black coating to provide resistance against rust. The brake shoes feature a chamfers design to eliminate noises when you are applying the brake. It is precision cam ground so that it will fit exactly onto the drum.

AutoSpecialty brake kit is covered with a warranty of up to 90 days/30,000 miles starting from the purchase date. They will exchange the defective product with a new product if it didn’t work when you install it in the right vehicle. The warranty does not provide coverage for normal wear. AutoSpecialty caliper is also covered with a 90 days warranty or up to 30,000 miles. This warranty is not valid if the component fail because you use DOT 5 fluid that is made from silicone. The warranty also does not apply to bleeder screws that have been stripped because you over tighten it too much. To be able to claim the warranty, you must not make any modification to the product.

The headquarter of TRW Auto Specialty is located at 800 E 230th St Carson, Los Angeles, California, USA Tel (310)- 513-2060.

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