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Autopart International

Autopart International is a supplier of automotive parts for domestic and foreign cars and light trucks. Autopart International was founded by Stephen Patkin in 1957. It came to his mind to start this company after he took a job in the summer to source automotive parts from the Fiat and Renault dealership in his family’s business. Stephen discovered that it was difficult for him to source the catalyst part and this give way to the founding of this company which is the leading supplier for aftermarket automotive parts.

Autopart International offers automotive parts in various categories including exhaust, brake, suspension, clutch, bearing, belt, cooling and filters. They carry an inventory of products from many major brand name suppliers including Bosch, Timken, Hummel, Prenco and Dayco. The exhaust system is equipped with aluminum internals and the pipes are manufactured with high quality 16 gauge aluminum steels. The flanges in the exhaust is exactly the same as the OE design.

Autopart International offers several types of brake system. The premium ceramic pads uses a ceramic friction formula to reduce noise, dust, and wear and tear. The premium metallic pads is equipped with powerful friction formula to increase the resistance against the heat and provide smooth braking. The premium organic pads are non metallic pads made completely from organic compounds for noise free pad. The Ultra Series Pads feature a powerful semi metallic pad that offer extremely smooth braking performance. All Autopart International’s brake system is based on the design of the original equipments in several areas including chamfering, and slotting.

Autopart International’s premium pad kit comes with all the hardware you need to carry out a brake job. There are two types of brake rotors and drums. The ultra series rotors and drums are cross cut and mill balanced and they are designed to meet OE specs. The premium brake rotors and drums are manufactured on an adissamatic line for optimal brake performance.

You can order the parts through the online ordering system. They also offer financing options for people who want to pay by installment. Autopart International offers deliveries by appointment for 5 days a week, from Monday to Friday.

Autopart International offers a limited warranty of up to 12 months/12,000 warranty for most of the parts. They offer a 90 days warranty for parts installed on commercial vehicles, mufflers, pipes, VSV shocks and struts. To claim a warranty, you must first go to the installer who install the part. You are to show the installation receipt as well as the warranty product to the installer. Autopart International will offer a replacement part if your warranty claim is approved.

Autopart International has 2 primary distribution channels including the main North American Division and the other being a Branch Store Division. There are more than 200 professional installers for Autopart International’s automotive parts. They relocated to the new facility which covers an area of more than 360,000 square foot in 2007. Autopart International’s corporate office is located at 192 Mansfield Avenue Norton, MA 02766 Tel 800.242.5700.

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