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APDI, also known as Automotive Parts Distribution International LLC, is a manufacturer of climate control products for the aftermarket automotive industry. Founded in 2008, the company focuses on producing 4 main types of climate control products including radiators, A/C condensers, heater cores, and cooling parts. All their heater and air conditioning products are ISO 9001 certified and TS 16949 certified.

The ProRad radiator from APDI offers exact fit so it will be easy to install it when you want to replace your old OE radiator. It is OE comparable including dimensions and gauge materials and you don’t need to make any modification to your vehicle to install it. There are more than 900 models of APDI’s ProRad radiators suitable for all kinds of vehicles including light truck, SUV, and cars. The latest software is used to create the design of the radiator before they use an advance tool to craft it. APDI radiator is not made with remanufactured component. It is suitable for use in your car if you plan to drive it in the city road or highway.

APDI’s ProRad heater core is a direct replacement for your OE part. It will work properly in optimal condition just like when you first buy a new car. If your core is already worn out, it is time to replace it so that your vehicle won’t suffer further damage.

APDI’s ProRad AC condenser can help you to create the same climate quality as with your old OE part. The ProRad AC condenser is a direct fit and can be instantly installed without much hassles.

All APDI products sold in the USA are covered with limited lifetime warranty. To maintain the APDI warranty coverage, you must follow the steps of the preventative maintenance the manufacturer suggested. The warranty cover all defects in workmanship and materials but it does not cover for radiators that fail to work because of corrosion on the outward such as corrosion between salt and air. If the warranty you submit gets approved, you will be responsible to pay for the labor cost as well as the cost of other parts such as distilled water, antifreeze and etc. If you want to file a warranty claim against APDI, you must produce the original purchase receipt to the facility where you get the part installed. If you buy the APDI’s product online, you will have to return it with the RA (Return Authorization) number.

The store where you purchase the APDI products may offer additional warranty coverage. You should check the product description page to get more details on what kind of warranty coverage you will get. You can also find the information regarding fitments on your vehicle on the product description page including year, make/model, and engine.

APDI is based in Arlington, Texas but their engineering office is located in Connecticut. They also have sales offices situated in Utah, Pennsylvania and Illinois. They also APDI’s headquarter is situated at 3000 E Pioneer Pkwy #160, Arlington, TX 76010, United States Tel +1 214-634-6500.

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