AutoLite is a manufacturer of spark plugs and ignition parts for brand name cars such as Chrysler and Studebaker. The company was founded in 1911 when two companies that manufacture buggy lamps switch to the automotive industry. It all started when Royce G. Martin, the CEO of the Electric Autolite Company opened a lab to produce their first spark plug. Robert Twells, who leads the project did research on many patents at that time to create the spark plug. The first autolite spark plug was successfully invented in 1936 in Fostoria, Ohio. Today, AutoLite is a leading brand name for spark plugs for race cars, sports car, and lawn mowers.

Autolite Iridium XP Enhanced Alloy Technology spark plugs are made with the platinum sidewire technology and features the iridium 0.6 mm finewire design. This spark plug offers a higher level of ignitability compared to similar spark plugs by other brands. It is covered with a warranty coverage of up to 7 years.

Autolite Double Platinum Spark Plugs aims to increase efficiency by minimizing the misfires. Some of the highlighted features are platinum-to-platinum firing, remove almost all gap erosion and can be used in the DIS engines. It is covered with a warranty of up to 5 years.

Autolite Platinum spark plugs features a wire platinum firing tip. It is more durable and will give your car a better performance. It is covered with a guarantee of up to 4 years.

Autolite Copper spark plugs offer several benefits for your vehicle including higher fuel economy, and engine start faster. You will also enjoy a smoother acceleration when you use Autolite copper spark plug.

Autolite Glow plug is a reliable spark plug ideal to be used in vehicles powered by diesel engines. The Autolite Glow plug comes with an industry standard warranty coverage.

Autolite Revolution HT High Thread Spark Plugs features a unique patent technology that will offer better heat transfer and ignition power for your engine.

Autolite racing hi-performance spark plug is endorsed by NASCAR and has been used by many professional race car drivers. The spark plug is covered with a layer of anti corrosive nickel plating. It has a large electrode designed to increase the heat transfer to your engine. The racing spark plug is compatible with a variety of Ford engines including 4.6 L, and 5.4 L.

Autolite offers two types of spark plugs for sports and dirt bikes. The Autolite XtremeSport spark plug features a 0.6mm firewire design and can endure a high temperature that occur during racing. It is 26% faster than the standard plugs and emit 21% lesser hydrocarbon compared to the standard spark plug. Autolite small engine spark plug is an OE compatible spark plug suitable for a sports bike with small engine.

There are two types of spark plugs for lawn mowers including Autolite Xtreme Start and Autolite Small Engine spark plugs. Autolite lawn mowers spark plugs feature an iridium enhanced platinum design for higher durability and more stable performance.

Autolite is a brand name that belong to UCI-FRAM and the company’s headquarter is located at 1900 West Field Court Lake Forest, IL 60045 Tel 855-200-5200.

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