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Auto Extra supplies and provides fitting services for custom fit outs for all kinds of vehicles. Founded in 2004, Auto Extra is based on Osborne Park in the western part of Australia. The products are made with high quality workmanship and have reasonable pricing.

Auto Extra offers a full line of Hayman Reese towbars and accessories that are designed to fit your vehicle. The towbar is tested to confirm it meets the basic requirements of the Australian Standard AS/NZ4177. The towbars are covered with a layer of premium powder coating to improve the damage resistance. They offer several styles of towbars including receiver, standard, lamp protector and bolt on steps. Auto Extra’s towbars are backed with a lifetime warranty coverage.

Auto Extra roof rack provides thousands of Rola & Thule roof racks that can be fitted on all kinds of vehicles including cars, four wheel drive, and vans. Rola roof racks features an aluminum crossbar that is designed to reduce the noise from the wind. Rola Roof features a global channel crossbar that is equipped with non ferrous stainless steel. Some of the different styles in Thule roof racks are professional, slide, and square bars. Thule roof rack is lighter and has a better aerodynamic design compared to Rola Roof. With a Thule roof, you can fit a roof rack that is up to the full width of your car roof. Auto Extra offers a 5 years replacement warranty for the Rola & Thule roof racks.

Auto Extra bull bar is made with a hi tensile alloy that has high resistance against rust. The most important part of the bull bar is the center channel section which measures 6mm thick. Every single bull bar is put under a variety of tests to make sure it is strong enough to withstand against the external impacts. Auto Extra offers several types of bull bar including Arc winch bar, arc bar, type 8 bar, nudge bar, BigTube winch bar, Big Tube Bar, Midi Tube bar, Series 2 Nudge Bar and 76mm Ultra nudge bar. All Auto Extra’s bull bars are covered with a lifetime warranty and they are also compatible with the new vehicle warranty.

Auto Extra is the supplier of Kingsley side steps for all kinds of vehicles including SUVs, trucks, and four wheel drive. Auto Extra is compatible with many brand name SUV including Dodge, Ford, Kia, Landrover, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, and Toyota. Auto Extra offers 3 types of side steps including blade runner, integra, and step boards. Both the Integra and Blade Runner side steps are covered with a warranty that last for a period of 5 years.

Auto Extra’s fuel tank is made with the most advanced CAD/CAM computer controlled design and is suitable for people who want to travel in long distance. To increase the durability, they use a 2mm aluminized steel and use the metal inert gas welding technique to wield it. Auto Extra’s fuel tank is covered with a 2 years warranty.

Auto Extra’s snorkel system is suitable for four wheel drive vehicles in Australia. The snorkels are made from high quality cross linked polyethylene and sealed positively so that your engine will have a better performance. Besides, Auto Extra is also the supplier for other products including canopies, van shelving, bike carriers,

You can buy Auto Extra products from local or online distributors. The headquarter of Auto Extra is located at 15 Frobisher Street Osborne Park W.A 6017 Tel 08 9201-1888



AutoBest is a manufacturer of fuel system component that was founded in the year of 1994. The concept to start this company started in 1992, two years before the company was founded. They have a factory of Autobest in China, where they employed more than 700 people. After the fuel pumps are manufactured in China, they are imported and distributed from the facility at S. El Monte, CA. AutoBest’s fuel system is designed to meet the OEM standards and they are ISO/TS certified. Some of the ISO TS certifications they hold are ISO9001/2000, ISO14001/2004, and 16949: 2002 Certified.

Prior to the distribution of the products, they done an extensive test to make sure that it is working properly. Every product has to undergo a testing period that last for up to 2,500 hours Some of the different types of tests each fuel pump has to undergo are peak pressure operating pressure, and valve operation test. You can browse the fuel pump product range at the online fuel pump catalog at AutoBest’s website.

AutoBest’s fuel pump consists of 3 important components including turbine, gerotor, and rollervane. Every single part of the fuel pump system is made with the high quality of materials. The best grade of metals as well as wiring are used to make sure it has optimal performance.

AutoBest’s headquarter is situated in California but they also have 6 branches located in different countries. The headquarter office in California is equipped with 30 employees and they hire 75 employees for the international branch offices. It is estimated that AutoBest experience a revenue growth of more than 300% during a period of between 1998 – 2003. There are more than 10,000 auto body shops that provide repair service for AutoBest’s fuel pump system. There are over 200 dealers that carry AutoBest’s products. At least 10 warehouses have been established to increase the speed of the product delivery to the clients.

AutoBest’s warranty applies to any AutoBest product that has been defective under normal use within 1 year period. The warranty coverage is not valid if the fuel system fail to work because you install in incorrectly, modify it, or get it repaired at an unapproved repair center. The warranty also is not valid to the filter, strainer as well as the gasket.

If you want to claim the warranty, you must be able to produce the invoice that has the purchase date. AutoBest will replace the defective product at no cost upon checking and confirming that the defective product is qualified for the warranty coverage, You must obtain a RMA request if you want to return a product. If you have two products that you want to return in a single day, you must obtain 2 RMA codes. If you return a product to get a refund, they will refund you the purchase price minus a 15% restocking fee.

Autobest International Corp’s headquarter office is located in 2500 Troy Ave. S.El Monte CA 91733 USA Tel 1-800-773-6088

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