Atsco Remanufacturing Inc. is one of the leading suppliers of remanufactured steering systems in the USA. Atsco was founded in 1983 with 14 employees but now they have grown into a huge company with more than 350 employees. The company was acquired by BBB industries, LLC on the 3rd of June in 2005. Some of the different types of steering products they offer are power steering pump, rack & pinion, steering gear, inline filter, control valve, and electronic power steering.

For the power steering pump, they will inspect all the components including bushings, bearings, reservoirs, and other internal components to see whether they are worn and need to be replaced. To make sure the power steering is leak proof, they will install new o-rings on the inlet as well as the outlet. They will use OE standard seal and o-rings so that they will last for a long time. The input shaft is measured and replaced if it is damaged and they will also replace campack rings that have been resurfaced.

In the rack & pinion, they will recondition the shafts so that it has the exact same finishing that matches with the OE standards. Every single line in the rack & pinion will be cleaned, tested and replaced. They will also inspect the port threads and provide new o-rings to make sure the rack & pinion is leak proof. If necessary, they will also reinstall new seal packs to increase the performance. The clamps they used in replacing the old clamps are made from stainless steel material.

For the steering gears, they will perform inspection on every single internal component and check to see if there is any wear and tear. If they found a worn out component, they will replace it. The gearbox will be reset to the OE specs and they will clean the mounting threads. The professional engineers at Atsco will fix OE quality O-ring and seal packs and replace the input/output shafts if necessary.

Atsco will disassemble and inspect the control valve as well as the power cylinders for worn parts, Both the control valve and power cylinders will undergo a variety of tests to ensure optimal performance including pressure, steering effort, leakage and whether the valve is working properly. For the control valve, they will inspect the ball stud, boot and clamp will be inspected. The parts that will be inspected in the power cylinder are piston, stud boot shaft seals, ball stud and shaft bushing.

Atsco’s electric power steering is available for different make/model of vehicles including Chevrolet, Saturn and Pontiac. Some of the parts that Atsco provide for the electric power steering system are steering assist motor, steering column and column intermediate shaft.

All Atsco parts are covered with at least 1 year of unlimited mile warranty coverage. Every single steering parts are re-manufactured in the USA. You can buy Atsco’s re-manufactured steering systems from online and local automotive parts stores.

The main office and warehouse of Atsco are situated at 4525 North 43rd Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85031-1509 Tel 800-261-4861.

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