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Atlantic Automotive Engineering, previously known as Atlantic Automotive Enterprises, LLC, is a leading North Carolina based power steering system manufacturer that was founded in 1987. AAE operates as a subsidiary of a corporation called CRP Industries Inc. They have five warehouses with the main warehouse located in North Carolina.

The headquarter office is a complex that covers an area of 125,000 square feet. The headquarter complex has many functions including R&D, manufacturing and distribution center. They are located in a strategic area that gives them easy access to the two important transportation channels including Ports of Charleston and Wilmington. The strategic positioning of the manufacturing plant enables them to handle the rapid business growth in the near future. Besides the North Carolina distribution center, Atlantic Automotive Engineering also has another two distribution centers including Dallas in Texas and New York City in New York.

More than 28 years ago, AAE entered into the industry as a Jaguar import rack. Today, it is a reputable automotive manufacturer that specializes in steering rack and pinions production with the average production volume being 1 – 10,000 every month. Besides power steering system, AAE also produce other types of automotive products including gear boxes, rebuild components, electric racks, electric pumps, steering columns, and power steering pumps.

Atlantic Automotive Engineering (AAE) offers both new and re-manufactured automotive components. Every single unit of the re-manufactured automotive component has been inspected to make sure it is reconditioned to the original specs so that it look as new. The steering racks and power steering pumps are available for all vehicle brands including BMW, Volvo, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Subaru, Ford, and Toyota. AAE is able to deliver high quality automotive components because it is involved in a partnership with the leading seal and o-ring manufacturers.

AAE Engineering offers warranty coverage for all the automotive components products. The rack & pinions and steering gear boxes are covered with a warranty of 24 months. The power steering pumps and steering columns are covered for a period of 12 months.

The sales occurred FOB at the point when the goods are shipped out. There are several shipping carriers to choose from during checkout. It is your responsibility to check the goods and make sure they are in good condition upon arrival. You have to file a claim to the carrier in in 10 days if there is any damage on the goods to claim the warranty. If you backorder a goods, you will receive a notification within 45 days of delivery.

AAE is also recognized for its repair and return service that guarantee to restore a malfunctioning classic car back into working condition while retaining the original parts. Many classic car owners and members of the Classic Car Club in America have entrusted their valuable classic cars into AAE. When your car arrive at AAE, the car technicians will first check to see what parts need repair or replacement. Next, they will order the part from a supplier and complete the repair within 24-48 hours of receiving the part. AAE is offering a special discount for repeat customers as well as the members of the Classic Car Club.

Atlantic Automotive Engineering also offer drop ship service for sellers who are looking for a reliable supplier that supply high quality automotive parts. Through the AAE drop ship program, the part will be sent directly to your customer from one of the nearest distribution centers. In order for your company to maintain a professional image, the orders will be labeled with the name of your company when they are being dispatched to the customers. Atlantic Automotive Engineering maintains a headquarter office at 1007-B Pireway Road, Tabor City, NC 28463 Tel: +1 910-377-4108.

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