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APW International (USA), Inc is an importer, exporter and distributor of motor vehicle parts opened in 2005 and based in Carson, California. It is a subdivision of the APW Inc, founded by T. Young Suhr in 1972. Every single APWI automotive part is confirm to the standards of the original equipment and will definitely function without a problem in your vehicle.

APWI specializes in three types of products including CV Axle, wiper blade and oxygen sensor. The CV Axle is equipped with a precision rolled thread and spline so that you can easily install it. Parts such as bearings and casing are heat treated to increase its lifespan. The surface of the axle is coated with a special layer to protect against corrosion. Other features of the CV Axle are OE grade boots, machined CV joints, chased threads, stainless steel boot clamps and ground seal mating. APWI was awarded with the Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Enhancement Award in 2006 for the C.V. Drive axles.

APWI wiper arms is available in a variety of sizes from 12″ – 28*. It is made from high tensile steel and natural rubber. The wipers have undergone special treatments to increase the durability and lifespan. The surface of the wipers are covered with a layer of the electro zinc plating. The phosphate treatment aims to prevent rust on the steel which can lead to corrosion. The electrodeposition high edge epoxy coating can give your vehicle better throwing power and superior protection against corrosion. The electrostatic auto spray finish coating helps to increase the transfer efficiency. It also helps to reduce the clean up, materials. and disposal costs. All the APWI wipers have undergone several tests including wiping, strength, friction, noise, corrosion and weatherability tests.

APWI oxygen sensor can be used on more than 9,000 applications for foreign and domestic vehicles. APWI oxygen sensors are covered with a limited lifetime warranty. It is designed to be a direct OE fit by a manufacturer that is TS 16949 certified.

If the APWI part is defective, the first step is to contact the customer support of APW Int’l at their toll free telephone number. You must provide the representative with information on your vehicle’s mileage and telephone number. There will be an auto technician performing a check on your vehicle to make sure that it is still under warranty coverage. After verifying the warranty status, they will give you an estimate for the damage cost. APWI has many service shops throughout the USA especially in the mid Atlantic states. You will have to bring your car to the service shop to get it inspected. After they have given you an estimate on the damage cost, you are free to bring your vehicle to any repair facility as long as it is ASE certified. APW international will only give approval to the amount of repairs that is the same as the estimate they first approved.

APWI International (USA), Inc. has a headquarter located at 1073 E. Artesia Blvd.
Carson, CA 90746 Tel 310-884-5014.

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