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Anco is a leading brand name of aerodynamic car wipers that first come to people’s mind when they think about wipers. Federal Mogul acquired it in 1998 because they are looking for ways to diversify their range of automotive products. Anco offers a comprehensive range of streak free wipers to suit different types of vehicles and weather conditions. Anco washer pump can provide a continuous supply of water without requiring you to perform any sort of maintenance.

Most of the wipers feature the KwickConnect Installation System for easy installation. The length of the wipers range from 14 – 29 inches. Anco wipers are suitable for vehicles that use hybrid technology as well as vehicles that use the J hook design. Anco Contour Blade is a wiper designed for windshield that have curved design. It is able to offer for a smoother and quieter wipe because there are lesser moving parts. Anco Contour features the Articulated Contact Technology to enable more uniform pressure distribution. Anco Profile is a low profile aerodynamic wiper equipped with a spoiler for better contact in between blade to windshield.

Anco Aerovantage is a premium wiper that can clear your windshield from anything no matter how fast you are traveling. Anco 31-Series wipers are designed to matched with the old OEM wipers on your vehicles. Anco Aerovantage and Anco 31-Series are available in a length of in between 10”-28”. Anco rear blade is a rear wiper suitable to be used as a replacement for your OEM rear wiper blade. Anco rear blade is available in 4 types of arm connectors.

Anco Winter blade is made from a specialty blade that will help you maintain a safe visibility when you are driving during the winter. There are two versions including OE and UB versions. The OE version features the beam technology while the UB version features KwickConnect Installation. Anco Winter is made from an extra thick rubber that ensures that consistently provide a streak free wipe when the temperature is very cold during the winter. There is a rugged rubber cover to protect it from freezing joins. This model is available in a length of in between 11 – 24 inches.

Anco Winter Extreme uses advanced technology to provide optimal visibility for you even when your windscreen is being covered with snow and ice. It features the Arctic Armor hydrophobic shield to prevent the accumulation of the ice on the wiper blade. Anco Wiper is protected with metal reinforced end caps to prevent ice scraper damage. Anco Winter Extreme features the Geo Core honeycomb design for protection against the road debris.

All Anco wipers are protected with at least 1 year of limited warranty. They warrant that their products are new, safe and free from defects. You can purchase Anco branded wipers from the local and online automotive parts stores.

Anco Wipers now operates as a division of the Federal Mogul Corporation so its headquarter is located in 27300 West 11 Mile Road Southfield, Michigan 48034 Tel +1 248-354-7700.​

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