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Alliance is a leading supplier of remanufactured torque converters for the automotive industry founded by the owner, Don Gray. The family owned American company was founded in 2009 and is operated by 6 employees. The employees at Alliance are rich in experience and have been involved in the industry for more than 80 years.

Alliance Toque Converters is specialized in hand built torque converter for domestic as well as international customers. Every single torque converter is remanufactured based on the specs of the OEM version. They offer a full line of R & R service with many different types of high performance units available.

Alliance Torque Converters use high quality steel during the construction process for high durability. New parts are used in the installation process including new hub, and seals. They will add an extra layer of grease to the torque to prevent it from easily becoming rusty. Besides, they will also paint a layer of premium paint on the exterior to restore the new look. The converters they rebuilt are direct fit so you should be able to get it installed on your vehicle easily.

Alliance is able to custom build a torque converters according to the requirements you specified. When rebuilding, they will completely disassembled all the parts in order to perform a complete thorough inspection. They will also clean off the dirt that have accumulated in the disassembled parts.

Before shipping back to the customer, they will carry out several tests to make sure it is functioning properly. For example, they will perform leak test and dimensional checks. Bulk pricing is available if you have several torque converters you need them to rebuild. Some of the equipments that are used by the technicians when rebuilding your torque converter are grit blast cabinet, transfer cases, and balancing equipment.

If you need a converter rebuilt, you simply contact their customer support and send it over to them. They guarantee that they will rebuild it and ship back to you in 2 days. Their workshop is open for 5 days a week, from 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday to Friday. All torque converters are backed with a 3 years limited warranty coverage from defect in material used in the rebuilding process as well as the workmanship. You can contact the customer support if you want to claim the warranty. Since they are the manufacturer, they are able to direct ship the orders to their customers. You can also buy Alliance’s torque converters from the other local and online authorized dealer stores.

Alliance Torque Converter recently relocated to a new 6,000 square foot warehouse at Dayton in Trotwood, Ohio. They sold their old warehouse at 5915 Wolf Creek Pike before moving to Trotwood. They also used to operate out of a leased warehouse that is 12,000 square foot on Hopeland Street. The reason why they relocate is because they want to accommodate the increasing demands of the customers. The workshop of Alliance Torque Converter is situated at 5915 Wolf Creek Pike Trotwood, OH 4526 Tel [937] 715-9215.


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