Advics is a Japan based manufacturer of brake systems and components founded on the 3rd July 2001. The USA headquarter, ADVICS North America, Inc., was established in January 2002. Later, they also established headquarters in other countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Belgium, Czech Republic, Brazil, South Africa, and Mexico. The company was being awarded with the Deming Prize in November 2013. Every Advics manufacturing facility meets the ISO14001 environmental standards. They were awarded with the ISO14001 certification on January 2005.

Advics offers a variety of parts for the braking system including ABS, disc brake, drum brakes, automated park brake operation, brake booster and brake component for motorcycle. Advics’ braking parts are designed to offer optimal braking performance in all braking conditions. With Advics brake, there won’t be any noise when you attempt to brake. The high carbon content in the brake parts will help to diffuse the heat and increase the durability. It is designed to fit your braking system based on your car make/model. It is made with precision machining to remove all factors to damage the braking systems.

The replacement parts you purchase from the online store is exactly the same as the Advics OEM rotors originally installed in the car engine. Advics rotors are designed to allow air to enter freely so that there is enough suction to eliminate the hot air. Advics brake pad will remove almost all the vibrations feel on the pedal. The ABS modulator is small, lightweight and offers impressive motor control. There are 3 types of ESC modulators including ESC modulator, high performance ESC modulator and hydraulic boots equipped with ESC. Advics ESC modulator features impressive quietness, and smooth stopping performance. The brake parts are suitable to be used in many well known brand name vehicles such as Toyota, and Lexus.

To ensure the brake system works efficiently, they conduct rigorous test for every single brake parts in their product lines. The tests were conducted in all sorts of environments around the world including anechoic chamber, laboratory, high speed track, off road, garage and icy lane. Advics also offer aftermarket brake parts apart from the OEM parts. Their engineering team is responsible for designing the aftermarket parts.

Advics brake parts can be purchased at many online automotive parts stores. If you buy online, make sure to check the product description page for the vehicle fitments so that you know which model of vehicle the brake part will fit. The product description page will also provide information on the manufacturer warranty. If you want to claim a warranty, you will have to request it from the customer support department of the online store where you purchase the part. The warranty coverage for Advics part is usually 1 year or up to 12,000 miles.

Advics has a headquarter office at 2-1, Showa-cho, Kariya, Aichi 448-8688, JAPAN Tel: +81-566-25-2150. They have another branch at the AISIN’s Fujioka Proving Ground. They maintained two manufacturing facilities in Aichi, Japan including Kariya Plant and Handa Plant.

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