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Acme Auto Headlining Company is a manufacturer of automotive parts and accessories. Founded in 1948, the company primarily focused on offering products such as headliners, sail panels, seat upholstery, sunvisors, Westfalia camper tents, interior panels, and vinyl Landau tops. They offer original replacement headlining products that look exactly the same as the OEM version.

Only some headlining products can be purchased at the Acme Auto Headlining online store. At the online store, you can customize the product with different option such as colors. Each headlining product is made from high quality materials that is durable against the extreme weather such as hot weather. Installation information is included so you can reference the manual if you don’t know how to install it. The Acme Auto Headlining site has a full catalog of the products they offer as well as a complete list of online vendors that carry their products.

Acme Auto Headlining uses UPS ground to ship its products. All items are shipped in a sturdy and oversize box to ensure it will arrive at your home safely. They begin the manufacturing of the product as soon as you have placed the order. Generally, it takes about 3 – 10 days for them to manufacturer and ship the products. To get an accurate estimate on the lead time, you will have to send an email to their customer support department. Ready stock items will be shipped out in 1 – 2 days. Acme Auto Headlining offers wholesale as well as drop shipping services. The wholesale service is only available for retail vendors. If you are a seller without inventory, you can order from Acme Auto Headlining and have them drop shipped to your customer. You won’t be charged with any additional fee if they help you to drop ship the product to your customers.

The warranty coverage varies depending on the type of products. Convertible top products are covered with a 6 years warranty. Products that are covered with 3 years warranty include vinyl Landau tops, headlining, Westfalia products, curtains and convertible boots. To claim the warranty, you must provide the store where you purchase the products information such as part number, ship date and why you are returning it. You can provide photographs as evidence to increase your chances of claiming the warranty. Once the store has received the return approval, you can ship it back to the manufacturer. You will need to mention the Returned Goods Request Number when returning the item back to the manufacturer. You must ship the item back in the original packaging and pay for the shipping fee.

The warranty only applies if you haven’t started installing the product on your vehicle. The products are only warranted against material defects and craftmanship. If you receive the wrong item, you can contact their customer support and they will ship you a replacement provided you returned the item in salable condition. Acme Auto Headlining maintains a headquarter office at 550 W 16th St, Long Beach, CA 90813, United States 28463 Tel +1 562-437-0061.

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