Autoline is a re-manufacturer of a variety of high quality automotive products founded in 1996 and based in Canada. The company was incorporated as AutoLine Products Ltd. In 2003, they acquired Tarani Rebuilders Inc., a company that is recognized for rebuilding CV axles and rack and pinion. Some of the different re-manufactured product lines Autoline offer are carburetors, distributors, rack and pinion and water pumps. brake calipers and throttle air. Autoline is a member of the Automotive Parts Rebuilders Association.

AutoLine started with a small repair facility and as their business grow, they relocated to a large repair facility that covers an area of 5,000 square foot. They relocated to a 30,000 sq. repair facility and finally relocated to a 50,000 sq. ft. factory in Winnipeg today. Over the years, they have added various products and remanufactured lines into their catalog. AutoLine operates 10 warehouses in Canada and USA. Their USA based warehouse is located in Minneapolis in Minnesota. Other warehouses are located in Canada including British Columba, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, and Maritimes.

Every products of Autoline are remanufactured according to the specs of the original equipments. They will incorporate product identification to maintain the standards. They only source premium parts when re-manufacturing the products. They will scrap off old castings and replace with a new casting if it does not meet their standards.

During the re-manufacturing process, they will disassemble all the components and stamp them to prevent using the wrong parts during the reassembly. Once the components have been disassembled, they will perform inspection on every single internal components including gaskets and seats. If the finishes on the exterior of the part has been worn off, they will restore it back to factory finish. Aluminum castings will be sandblasted so that the finishes will be restored back to the original.

The technician at AutoLine will process and inspect every component to make sure they are repaired properly. If the part needs replacement, they will replace it with the right part. The completed product will undergo a variety of testings including electrical resistance, calibration, mechanical, electronic advance curves. Adjustments are made if they found that the automotive part is not working properly. They will include installation instruction when packaging the product.

AutoLine’s automotive parts are available for sale at many local and online stores. You can find their warehouse service location at their site.

Most of the Autoline’s vehicle parts are covered with warranty. The warranty vary depends on which type of product you buy. AutoLine’s carburetor is covered with a 90 days warranty coverage. AutoLine offers 1 year warranty coverage for products such as multi-port injectors, distributors, throttle body injection units, rack and pinion, and water pumps. Products such as power steering, brake calipers, and rack and pinion are covered with 2 year warranty/40,000 km. The CV axles are covered with 5 years warranty. The 90 days warranty applies if you use these products for commercial or offroad uses.

AutoLine’s head office is located at 675 Golspie St. Winnipeg, MB R2K 2V2 Tel (204) 668-8242.

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