Auto Extra



Auto Extra supplies and provides fitting services for custom fit outs for all kinds of vehicles. Founded in 2004, Auto Extra is based on Osborne Park in the western part of Australia. The products are made with high quality workmanship and have reasonable pricing.

Auto Extra offers a full line of Hayman Reese towbars and accessories that are designed to fit your vehicle. The towbar is tested to confirm it meets the basic requirements of the Australian Standard AS/NZ4177. The towbars are covered with a layer of premium powder coating to improve the damage resistance. They offer several styles of towbars including receiver, standard, lamp protector and bolt on steps. Auto Extra’s towbars are backed with a lifetime warranty coverage.

Auto Extra roof rack provides thousands of Rola & Thule roof racks that can be fitted on all kinds of vehicles including cars, four wheel drive, and vans. Rola roof racks features an aluminum crossbar that is designed to reduce the noise from the wind. Rola Roof features a global channel crossbar that is equipped with non ferrous stainless steel. Some of the different styles in Thule roof racks are professional, slide, and square bars. Thule roof rack is lighter and has a better aerodynamic design compared to Rola Roof. With a Thule roof, you can fit a roof rack that is up to the full width of your car roof. Auto Extra offers a 5 years replacement warranty for the Rola & Thule roof racks.

Auto Extra bull bar is made with a hi tensile alloy that has high resistance against rust. The most important part of the bull bar is the center channel section which measures 6mm thick. Every single bull bar is put under a variety of tests to make sure it is strong enough to withstand against the external impacts. Auto Extra offers several types of bull bar including Arc winch bar, arc bar, type 8 bar, nudge bar, BigTube winch bar, Big Tube Bar, Midi Tube bar, Series 2 Nudge Bar and 76mm Ultra nudge bar. All Auto Extra’s bull bars are covered with a lifetime warranty and they are also compatible with the new vehicle warranty.

Auto Extra is the supplier of Kingsley side steps for all kinds of vehicles including SUVs, trucks, and four wheel drive. Auto Extra is compatible with many brand name SUV including Dodge, Ford, Kia, Landrover, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, and Toyota. Auto Extra offers 3 types of side steps including blade runner, integra, and step boards. Both the Integra and Blade Runner side steps are covered with a warranty that last for a period of 5 years.

Auto Extra’s fuel tank is made with the most advanced CAD/CAM computer controlled design and is suitable for people who want to travel in long distance. To increase the durability, they use a 2mm aluminized steel and use the metal inert gas welding technique to wield it. Auto Extra’s fuel tank is covered with a 2 years warranty.

Auto Extra’s snorkel system is suitable for four wheel drive vehicles in Australia. The snorkels are made from high quality cross linked polyethylene and sealed positively so that your engine will have a better performance. Besides, Auto Extra is also the supplier for other products including canopies, van shelving, bike carriers,

You can buy Auto Extra products from local or online distributors. The headquarter of Auto Extra is located at 15 Frobisher Street Osborne Park W.A 6017 Tel 08 9201-1888



AutoBest is a manufacturer of fuel system component that was founded in the year of 1994. The concept to start this company started in 1992, two years before the company was founded. They have a factory of Autobest in China, where they employed more than 700 people. After the fuel pumps are manufactured in China, they are imported and distributed from the facility at S. El Monte, CA. AutoBest’s fuel system is designed to meet the OEM standards and they are ISO/TS certified. Some of the ISO TS certifications they hold are ISO9001/2000, ISO14001/2004, and 16949: 2002 Certified.

Prior to the distribution of the products, they done an extensive test to make sure that it is working properly. Every product has to undergo a testing period that last for up to 2,500 hours Some of the different types of tests each fuel pump has to undergo are peak pressure operating pressure, and valve operation test. You can browse the fuel pump product range at the online fuel pump catalog at AutoBest’s website.

AutoBest’s fuel pump consists of 3 important components including turbine, gerotor, and rollervane. Every single part of the fuel pump system is made with the high quality of materials. The best grade of metals as well as wiring are used to make sure it has optimal performance.

AutoBest’s headquarter is situated in California but they also have 6 branches located in different countries. The headquarter office in California is equipped with 30 employees and they hire 75 employees for the international branch offices. It is estimated that AutoBest experience a revenue growth of more than 300% during a period of between 1998 – 2003. There are more than 10,000 auto body shops that provide repair service for AutoBest’s fuel pump system. There are over 200 dealers that carry AutoBest’s products. At least 10 warehouses have been established to increase the speed of the product delivery to the clients.

AutoBest’s warranty applies to any AutoBest product that has been defective under normal use within 1 year period. The warranty coverage is not valid if the fuel system fail to work because you install in incorrectly, modify it, or get it repaired at an unapproved repair center. The warranty also is not valid to the filter, strainer as well as the gasket.

If you want to claim the warranty, you must be able to produce the invoice that has the purchase date. AutoBest will replace the defective product at no cost upon checking and confirming that the defective product is qualified for the warranty coverage, You must obtain a RMA request if you want to return a product. If you have two products that you want to return in a single day, you must obtain 2 RMA codes. If you return a product to get a refund, they will refund you the purchase price minus a 15% restocking fee.

Autobest International Corp’s headquarter office is located in 2500 Troy Ave. S.El Monte CA 91733 USA Tel 1-800-773-6088

Auto 7



Auto 7 is a leading manufacturer of automotive parts for various Koran brand name vehicles. The specializes in manufacturing automotive parts for 3 Korean brand name vehicles including Hyundai, KIA, and Daewoo. Auto 7 is based in Miramar, Florida and they are in partnerships with several docks for dealing with the shipments daily. There are more than 305 types of automotive parts in 14 different categories with all parts being ISO certified. They offer high quality automotive parts that are made in Korea and meet the strict quality standards.

Auto 7’s Precise fuel pump is manufactured by OEM suppliers and meet all the OEM specs. It is suitable for all make/model and can be used on more than 15,000 applications. It is made with the most advanced turbine technology and is equipped with high quality carbon brushes. Precise pump is completely new without any core and it is designed to reduce noises. Every single pump has to undergo a thorough test before it is being packaged. Auto 7’s Precise fuel pump is covered with up to 1 year warranty and is TS 16949 certified.

Auto 7’s automotive part is guaranteed to fit into your vehicle and function at the first time you install it. They manufacturer all models of automotive parts and they have a collection of more than 70,000 parts available up to date. Some of the automotive parts they offer are engine, rotating electrical, brake & clutch, fuel and filter. They offer a fair price for their products and fast turnaround for both small and large orders. Auto’s 7 products are sold in the aftermarket industry as well.

Auto 7 has received several awards in the past, Auto 7 was named Repworks Marketing Manufacturer Representative of the Year on the 19th November 2014. They were named an Approved Vendor for Automotive Parts Associates on the 2nd July 2014. Auto 7 Inc. is recognized as the Preferred vendor for National Pronto Association.

Auto 7’s automotive parts can be purchased at many online and offline authorized distributors. If you are wondering where you can buy Auto 7’s parts online, you can check out the retailers list at the official site. You can browse the entire range of automotive products at the online catalog. You can also order directly from the manufacturer’s site by clicking on the Place Order button. After placing an order, you will be able to check the order status in your account. To find out whether a part is available, you can click the Check Availability button.

All parts are covered with a warranty of at least 1 year and up to 12,000 miles. To claim a warranty, you must send in a document to confirm the work is being done by a mechanic that has been ASE certified or you must obtain a copy of the repair order. The warranty won’t be considered if you fail to provide either documentation.

The main office and distribution facility of Auto 7 is located at 2401 SW 145th Avenue Miramar, Florida 33027 Tel (866) 777-8498.




Atsco Remanufacturing Inc. is one of the leading suppliers of remanufactured steering systems in the USA. Atsco was founded in 1983 with 14 employees but now they have grown into a huge company with more than 350 employees. The company was acquired by BBB industries, LLC on the 3rd of June in 2005. Some of the different types of steering products they offer are power steering pump, rack & pinion, steering gear, inline filter, control valve, and electronic power steering.

For the power steering pump, they will inspect all the components including bushings, bearings, reservoirs, and other internal components to see whether they are worn and need to be replaced. To make sure the power steering is leak proof, they will install new o-rings on the inlet as well as the outlet. They will use OE standard seal and o-rings so that they will last for a long time. The input shaft is measured and replaced if it is damaged and they will also replace campack rings that have been resurfaced.

In the rack & pinion, they will recondition the shafts so that it has the exact same finishing that matches with the OE standards. Every single line in the rack & pinion will be cleaned, tested and replaced. They will also inspect the port threads and provide new o-rings to make sure the rack & pinion is leak proof. If necessary, they will also reinstall new seal packs to increase the performance. The clamps they used in replacing the old clamps are made from stainless steel material.

For the steering gears, they will perform inspection on every single internal component and check to see if there is any wear and tear. If they found a worn out component, they will replace it. The gearbox will be reset to the OE specs and they will clean the mounting threads. The professional engineers at Atsco will fix OE quality O-ring and seal packs and replace the input/output shafts if necessary.

Atsco will disassemble and inspect the control valve as well as the power cylinders for worn parts, Both the control valve and power cylinders will undergo a variety of tests to ensure optimal performance including pressure, steering effort, leakage and whether the valve is working properly. For the control valve, they will inspect the ball stud, boot and clamp will be inspected. The parts that will be inspected in the power cylinder are piston, stud boot shaft seals, ball stud and shaft bushing.

Atsco’s electric power steering is available for different make/model of vehicles including Chevrolet, Saturn and Pontiac. Some of the parts that Atsco provide for the electric power steering system are steering assist motor, steering column and column intermediate shaft.

All Atsco parts are covered with at least 1 year of unlimited mile warranty coverage. Every single steering parts are re-manufactured in the USA. You can buy Atsco’s re-manufactured steering systems from online and local automotive parts stores.

The main office and warehouse of Atsco are situated at 4525 North 43rd Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85031-1509 Tel 800-261-4861.

ATE North America



ATE North America

ATE North America is a leading manufacturer of brake systems for European vehicles in the USA. ATE has been established in the industry for more than a century. The founder of the company is Alfred Teves who established it 105 years ago. They invented the first hydraulic brake system in 1926 and the first anti-lock braking system in 1967. ATE PremiumOne Rotors features the patented RotorLife wear indicator, which will let you know when your rotor is damaged and has to be replaced. The MetaCote coating can protect your rotor from dirt as well as corrosion. It is equipped with an OE brake system technology and will function just like your old original equipment rotor.

ATE PremiumOne Pads features advanced friction formulation that can increase the lifespan of the pad and reduce the amount of dust that accumulate on the wheel. The premium friction grade and unique pad under layer design enable your brake to function quietly without a lot of vibration. The pad has already been enhanced with all the safety components so that you can save money in performing repairs.

ATE Ceramic Brake Pads is equipped with an innovative fiber technology that produces a layer of the transfer film that can reduce brake dust and slow down the wear and tear. ATE brake products are available for several European brand name vehicles in the USA including Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and Volvo.

ATE offers 5 types of brake fluids including ATE G, ATE SL, ATE SL 6, and ATE TYP 200. The new ATE SL.6 fluid is a thin bodied brake fluid designed to generate a rapid response time for the ESP system. It has a faster reaction time compared to an ordinary brake fluid. The ATE SL.6 can be used as a replacement for Super DOT 4 and is designed to be used in electronic brake system. ATE TYP 200 will cause a minimal drop on the boiling point because it has a unique water binding property. Both the ATE G and ATE SL brake fluids are covered with 1 year warranty. The ATE SL6 is covered with 2 years of warranty while the ATE TYP 200 is covered with 3 years of warranty. ATE brake fluids are environmentally friendly and safe to use as stated in the ESH Policy Statement.

All automotive products by ATE North America including brake rotors and brake pads are covered with a limited warranty coverage. The limited warranty coverage, which is issued by Continental Teves, Inc, will last up to 12 months. This warranty coverage will be voided if it is modified, damaged, or not used in a way that is recommended by ATE. Before you can claim the warranty, a CTI sales representative must first inspect it and give the approval. When filing for a claim, you must include information such as customer’s name, telephone number, address, make/model of your vehicle, purchase invoice and signature of the person who install the part.

The main headquarter office of ATE North America is located at 6755 Snowdrift Road Allentown, PA 18106 Tel 800-564-5066.

ATP Automotive



Atp Automative

ATP Automotive, also known as ATP, Inc, is an automotive supplier of replacement parts for primarily automatic transmission. ATP, Inc was first established on the 1st of July in 1955. Their first facility is a 2000 square foot facility located in Chicago. When their business expand, they relocated to a bigger facility at Elk Grove, III, which covers an area of 92,000 sq. ft. The new facility enables them to fulfill a turnover rate of more than 98%.

The company started as a supplier of automatic transmission parts and later added other types of products into their inventory including engine, cabin air filter, transmission cable, flywheel and ring gears. The Graywerks ATP line entered into the market in 2001. Up to date, they have already released 21 new transmission parts which total up to over 300 parts. They changed their logo to a more modern logo, which is the current logo in 2014.

ATP premium transmission filters is able to capture the contaminants and ensure smooth fluid flow to increase the lifespan of the transmission system. ATP transmission filters meet with the basic specs of the OE filtration and is equipped with an innovative gasket technology.

ATP engine parts comes with all the necessary hardware and is completely new. The exhaust manifolds can efficiently transport the exhaust gas into the compartment of your engine.

ATP cabin filter prevents the particles from entering via a static electrical charge. The absorbent filter serve as a trap for all the dust and pollens from outside.

ATP offers a full line of automotive cables including speedometer, accelerator, and tailgate. It also includes many cable parts that are difficult to find at other automotive stores. ATP cables are designed to function as efficiently as your old OE cable.

ATP differential kit include the gasket as well as the internal magnet. The differentials are coated with a layer of phosphate to increase its resistance against corrosion.

ATP offers a wide range of chemical fluids including transmission assembly lube, friction modifier, speedometer lubricant, and power steering fluids. They also offer a variety of transfer cases including power take off cover gasket, extension housing seal, output shaft seal, and input shaft seal.

ATP Automotive offers several types of warranty coverage for its products. Most of the products are covered with ATP Automotive Limited 1 Year Warranty. ATP Automotive’s front differentials are covered with ATP Driven Limited 5 Year Warranty. The ATP Graywerks Limited Lifetime Warranty provides coverage for all the engine parts including exhaust manifolds and intake manifolds. Both Oil Pans and Transmission Pans are covered with ATP Graywerks Limited Lifetime Warranty. Other products that are protected with this warranty include harmonic balancers, differentials and timing covers. All manifold catalytic converters are covered with the ATP Graywerks Limited warranty for up to 5 Year/50,000 miles. If you want to claim the warranty, you must return it to the manufacturer along with the proof of purchase. You will be responsible for the return postage.

The main office headquarter of ATP Automotive can be found at
1300 W. Pratt Boulevard Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 Tel 847-967-6790.

Arnott Air Suspension Products



Arnott Inc

Arnott Air Suspension Products is an American manufacturer and supplier of air suspension products for all kinds of vehicles. Arnott was founded by Donald Arnott in 1989 and is based in Merritt Island, Florida. The majority of Arnott parts are pre-assembled and comes with all the essential hardware you need for carrying out the installation. There are instruction manuals you can reference when you need help in installing the part. There is no need to make any modification on the vehicle in order to install the Arnott parts. All Arnott parts are manufactured and assembled in the USA and only the highest quality components are used.

Some of the products that Arnott offers are air springs, coil spring conversion kits, dryers, and compressors. The crimp ring fitting and outer sleeve which is made from aluminum enhance the spring rate so that you can have a smoother ride. It has a solid top that will reduce the external impacts and keep dust away. Arnott’s suspension strut features a 2 ply ContiTech air spring bladder and shock absorber that has been custom valved. Aircraft quality aluminum is used to protect the ContiTech air spring bladder.

Arnott air suspension compressor features a compact and lightweight design that minimizes noise and vibration. The air suspension compressor is equipped with an integrated air dryer and can be used as a direct replacement for your OE part.

The warranty coverage varies depending on the type of Arnott product you purchase. Arnott offers limited lifetime warranty for products such as Arnott air springs, struts and shocks. They offer a two year limited warranty for the compressors. The air suspension products for motorcycles are protected with a warranty of up to 5 years. Arnott provides 30 days warranty for commercial vehicles’ parts. They offer a 100% money back guarantee if you find any fault with the Arnott products within a period of 30 days. For returns, they offer a 90 days return policy on Arnott products that have not been installed. If you want to return the part, you must display the Arnott invoice and Return Material Authorization (RMA) number.

You can purchase the products from the official Arnott Industries site. If you buy from the official site, they will ship the order to you with the UPS carrier. The standard shipping, Ground shipping, will take up to 5 days for the item to arrive on your address. If you choose Next Day Air, your item will arrive in 3 business days. They will ship out the order in the same day if it is placed by 2:30 PM. If you want to order by phone, you have to place the order by 3:30 PM. The Arnott suspension products can also be purchased from local as well as online stores.

Arnott’s main manufacturing plant in Merritt Island, Florida covers an area of about 300,000 square foot. The Merritt Island facility is situated nearby to the Kennedy Space Center. The facility has a R&D center that test different types of equipments. The facility also houses a number of Mazak Integrex 5-axis CNC machines which plays an important part in the production. Besides the main distribution facility in Florida, they also have distribution facilities located in other parts including northeast, central and western. The Netherlands sales and distribution facility offers supports for customers that are based in the European Union.

Arnott has a headquarter located at 100 Sea Ray Drive Merritt Island, FL 32953 Tel 1-800-251-8993.

APW International (USA), Inc.




APW International (USA), Inc is an importer, exporter and distributor of motor vehicle parts opened in 2005 and based in Carson, California. It is a subdivision of the APW Inc, founded by T. Young Suhr in 1972. Every single APWI automotive part is confirm to the standards of the original equipment and will definitely function without a problem in your vehicle.

APWI specializes in three types of products including CV Axle, wiper blade and oxygen sensor. The CV Axle is equipped with a precision rolled thread and spline so that you can easily install it. Parts such as bearings and casing are heat treated to increase its lifespan. The surface of the axle is coated with a special layer to protect against corrosion. Other features of the CV Axle are OE grade boots, machined CV joints, chased threads, stainless steel boot clamps and ground seal mating. APWI was awarded with the Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Enhancement Award in 2006 for the C.V. Drive axles.

APWI wiper arms is available in a variety of sizes from 12″ – 28*. It is made from high tensile steel and natural rubber. The wipers have undergone special treatments to increase the durability and lifespan. The surface of the wipers are covered with a layer of the electro zinc plating. The phosphate treatment aims to prevent rust on the steel which can lead to corrosion. The electrodeposition high edge epoxy coating can give your vehicle better throwing power and superior protection against corrosion. The electrostatic auto spray finish coating helps to increase the transfer efficiency. It also helps to reduce the clean up, materials. and disposal costs. All the APWI wipers have undergone several tests including wiping, strength, friction, noise, corrosion and weatherability tests.

APWI oxygen sensor can be used on more than 9,000 applications for foreign and domestic vehicles. APWI oxygen sensors are covered with a limited lifetime warranty. It is designed to be a direct OE fit by a manufacturer that is TS 16949 certified.

If the APWI part is defective, the first step is to contact the customer support of APW Int’l at their toll free telephone number. You must provide the representative with information on your vehicle’s mileage and telephone number. There will be an auto technician performing a check on your vehicle to make sure that it is still under warranty coverage. After verifying the warranty status, they will give you an estimate for the damage cost. APWI has many service shops throughout the USA especially in the mid Atlantic states. You will have to bring your car to the service shop to get it inspected. After they have given you an estimate on the damage cost, you are free to bring your vehicle to any repair facility as long as it is ASE certified. APW international will only give approval to the amount of repairs that is the same as the estimate they first approved.

APWI International (USA), Inc. has a headquarter located at 1073 E. Artesia Blvd.
Carson, CA 90746 Tel 310-884-5014.

Autopart International



Autopart International

Autopart International is a supplier of automotive parts for domestic and foreign cars and light trucks. Autopart International was founded by Stephen Patkin in 1957. It came to his mind to start this company after he took a job in the summer to source automotive parts from the Fiat and Renault dealership in his family’s business. Stephen discovered that it was difficult for him to source the catalyst part and this give way to the founding of this company which is the leading supplier for aftermarket automotive parts.

Autopart International offers automotive parts in various categories including exhaust, brake, suspension, clutch, bearing, belt, cooling and filters. They carry an inventory of products from many major brand name suppliers including Bosch, Timken, Hummel, Prenco and Dayco. The exhaust system is equipped with aluminum internals and the pipes are manufactured with high quality 16 gauge aluminum steels. The flanges in the exhaust is exactly the same as the OE design.

Autopart International offers several types of brake system. The premium ceramic pads uses a ceramic friction formula to reduce noise, dust, and wear and tear. The premium metallic pads is equipped with powerful friction formula to increase the resistance against the heat and provide smooth braking. The premium organic pads are non metallic pads made completely from organic compounds for noise free pad. The Ultra Series Pads feature a powerful semi metallic pad that offer extremely smooth braking performance. All Autopart International’s brake system is based on the design of the original equipments in several areas including chamfering, and slotting.

Autopart International’s premium pad kit comes with all the hardware you need to carry out a brake job. There are two types of brake rotors and drums. The ultra series rotors and drums are cross cut and mill balanced and they are designed to meet OE specs. The premium brake rotors and drums are manufactured on an adissamatic line for optimal brake performance.

You can order the parts through the online ordering system. They also offer financing options for people who want to pay by installment. Autopart International offers deliveries by appointment for 5 days a week, from Monday to Friday.

Autopart International offers a limited warranty of up to 12 months/12,000 warranty for most of the parts. They offer a 90 days warranty for parts installed on commercial vehicles, mufflers, pipes, VSV shocks and struts. To claim a warranty, you must first go to the installer who install the part. You are to show the installation receipt as well as the warranty product to the installer. Autopart International will offer a replacement part if your warranty claim is approved.

Autopart International has 2 primary distribution channels including the main North American Division and the other being a Branch Store Division. There are more than 200 professional installers for Autopart International’s automotive parts. They relocated to the new facility which covers an area of more than 360,000 square foot in 2007. Autopart International’s corporate office is located at 192 Mansfield Avenue Norton, MA 02766 Tel 800.242.5700.




AIMCO is a manufacturer of various types of brake parts used for repairing brake systems. AIMCO offers a variety of brake parts including hub and rotor, brake disc, and brake cables and brake hoses. Their ceramic brake pads is made from the best friction material so it is very durable. Besides offering friction products, AIMCO also supply other types of brake parts that you need for completing your brake repairs. All AIMCO brake parts meet the standard requirements of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety. It is made from extremely durable material so it is recommended for people who are having problem with worn out brake parts. Every single AIMCO auto parts will be inspected and tested prior to being delivered to the customers.

The hub and rotor are the flagship products of AIMCO. AIMCO offers two types of rotor and hubs including extreme drums and rotors and premium hubs and rotors. Extreme hubs and rotors are ventilated and suitable to be used in vehicles that brake many times in a short period for example taxi cabs, and ambulance. The Extreme hubs and rotors are also suitable to be used in commercial, construction and high performance vehicles. AIMCO premium drums and rotors ensures that you have a smooth braking every time you attempt to brake the vehicle. AIMCO drum brake is created to match the specs of your original drum brake. The drums and rotors are customized to meet the original equipment measurements.

The hub and rotor models feature wheel studs as well as bearing races that have been heat treated. Heat is one of the reason why your hub and rotor can become worn out quickly. Every time you apply the brake, the hub and rotor will experience a higher temperature from the friction. AIMCO rotor is made from a unique alloy that is durable under hot temperature. It is resistant against cracks and deformation regardless of how hard you hit the brake. AIMCO hub and rotor will increase your fuel economy and remove all the negative effects that are caused by the heat.

AIMCO wheel hub can endure all kinds of tough terrains in off road environment. With AIMCO wheel hub, you can expect to see a significant improvement in your fuel economy. The steel alloy wheel hub is heat treated and can work efficiently even when you are carrying heavy objects. The heat treated wheel studs can endure wear and tear even if you use every day. It can be easily installed on your vehicle in just a few minutes without the use of any type of equipment. You can install it yourself without having to get help from the car repair shop.

You can purchase the AIMCO brake parts at your local car repair shop or online auto parts store. You can check with the store about the warranty information for the AIMCO brake parts. Usually, the AIMCO brake part will be covered with at least 1 year warranty. AIMCO’s main branch office is located at 4400 Prime Parkway McHenry, IL 60050 Tel: +1-800-407-9263

Federal Mogul



Federal Mogul Corporation is specialized in manufacturing a variety of powertrain components and motorparts. Founded in 1899, the company has been in existence for over a century. The company, originally known as the Muzzy Lyon Company, was founded by J. Howard Muzzy and Edward F. Lyon in Detroit. These two partners started to produce bearings that are made from the Babbitt metal called Mogul. Mogul is a type of alloy that consists of a combination of tin, antimony and copper.

Over the years, Federal Mogul has acquired many companies including Cooper Industries (1998), Turner & Newall (1988), Daros Group (2010), Robert G. Evans Co., Metaltec, Inc., Mather Co. and Fel-Pro, Inc (2002). There are two business divisions in the company, with each having its own CEO that report to the Board of Directors. The two divisions is due to the split that occurred in September 2014 where the company has been split to Federal-Mogul Powertrain, and Federal-Mogul Motorparts. The split has been completed by the middle of the last year in 2015.

The powertrain division focus on selling OEM powertrain components such as engine, lighting, sealing and systems protection. The powertrain products are designed to be used for various types of vehicles including aerospace, agriculture, commercial, military and construction. The Motorparts division primarily offers aftermarket motorparts. Some of the OEM motorparts they offer are braking, chassis and wipers. Federal Mogul brand name auto parts have been used by many OEM manufacturers worldwide.

The company has receive 10 Automotive News PACE awards from 2003 – 2012. Some of the products that are bestowed with the PACE awards include Wagner ThermoQuiet Brake Pads and Shoes, Monosteel Piston, EcoTough Coated Piston. The award is only bestowed upon automotive suppliers that demonstrated a breakthrough in innovation and technological development in the industry. It is listed as one of the FORTUNE 500 company with branches around the world.
Federal Mogul is a distributor to more than 20 brands of aftermarket automotive products including AE, National Wheel End Components, Moog, Fel-Pro, Goetze and Nural.

You can find the motor parts you need by using the parts finder at the Federal Mogul storefront. The parts finder on the Federal Mogul storefront allows you to find parts by criteria such as vehicle type, year, make and model. There is a complete online catalog where you can find information on all powertrain components and motor parts. The supplier is responsible for providing warranty for the products. The online store where you purchase the product should list the warranty information for the product on the description page. If you buy it from a local shop, make sure you ask them for the warranty information.

Federal Mogul has several headquarters around the world including North America, Asia, Europe, and Asia Pacific. They operate 93 manufacturing facilities worldwide. They also have 17 distribution facilities. Their main headquarter is located at Southfield, Michigan. The address of the main headquarters is situated at 27300 W. 11 Mile Road Tower 300 Southfield, Michigan 48034 Tel: + 1-800-325-8886.

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